Thoughts on Malibu St.

  1. to those that have it, or have seen it, may i please get your honest opinions?!?! I would like to use it as an evening/dressy bag...I know it doesn't hold a lot, I would just have a compact, lipgloss, cell phone and a cles in it.

    I heard it's expensive, so I'm looking at used...this may replace the Sophie on my wish list...

    I also checked the "what's inside your lv bag" thread and there were no pics so if those who have it could kindly give me pics of what it would hold that would be great too!!

    thanks :p)
  2. have not seen it, but would love pics if anyone has them
  3. there were pics in the visual aids thread may want to check that out! i think it's a cute bag!
  4. I'm interested in it too. I ordered a Lexington from elux, and it's such a cute little thing, but it is very difficult to get in and out of. The zipper seems like it should be longer. I am *thisclose* to returning it, and I think I'll get a Malibu instead. I like the way the Malibu opens. But, all elux has right now is framboise, and I'd like to get noisette. I am worried about the perle discoloring, although it's really beautiful.

    And then I wonder if I should wait on the New Color... hmmm. Will it be available in the Malibu I wonder?

    Just yesterday I was looking to see if anyone here had the Malibu, and I only found the one picture in the visual aids thread. I think it would be a nice dressy/evening/special occasion bag.

    Which color do you like best?

  5. WOW YOU're in the same boat as me..I wanted to get the LEX too, but heard it was the smallest of the "pochettes".

    the new colour is a plum color, as 866 has told me. I'm sure it'll be available in Malibu, but probably not right away. noisette would be good as it's a neutral color!

    I'm leaning towards the pearl, as I would like it as a dressy bag that would go with EVERYTHING..but Noissette isn't bad also. I should call 866 on my lunch to find out how much it is for retail!

    btw, I found two pictures in the visual aids thread..did you use the search this thread function? that's what I usually use when I try to find something specific!
  6. I don't mind "small" since that's what I need, but I didn't care for the "hard to get into" part. :oh:

    Did you see the perle Malibu on let-trade? $449 but he says there is a little color problem. That's what scares me about the perle. The retail is $825. I wish I could find something else that appeals to me as much for a lot less, ha.

    And yes, I use that search function a lot. Hate the 30 second rule, lol.
  7. I want the Malibu St....but gah, it's so expensive for the size it is. Very beautiful though! I hope you get it. :yes: The noisette would be a nice choice, imo...
  8. LOL..really? he said there's a color prob? that's what I was looking at

    thanks for the pics NOLA! that helped a lot! btw, love the new avatar, posh looks hot with that color==> OT
  9. aww.thanks bernz, I hope you get it too!!

    I'm gonna call 866 to find the Cdn price!
  10. I don't see it in the pics but he says it in the description. :sad:

    I thought that was one of the Olsen twins!
  11. I'm sorry Jill, I didn't realize you were in Canada.
  12. I love it. I think it's really cute- sort of reminds me of the lagoon clutch. It's just too darn pricey for it's size! But then again, so is the lexington..
  13. I think it is adorable!! I was debating getting the one on let-trade too until I saw the thing about yellowing. I can't see it in the pics though ...
  14. ^^^I was trying to figure out for the longest time where the yellowing is, too...all I see are the stray spots that is mentioned in the description...:shrugs: