Thoughts on LV SA’s on Instagram

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  1. I’ve wondered this for such a long time and as I run into more and more accounts I just have to know what other people think.

    How do y’all feel about the SA’s modeling the product for their own personal-business IG account? It seems like every store has at least two SAs doing this on social media now. As I see them walk around the store with the shoes and clothes on it blows my mind that I haven’t heard anyone complain about this.
    (Speaking more to the picky buyers who won’t buy bags without looking them over and won’t buy anything on display).
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  2. Do you mean, like, because the items aren't "fresh out the box", that they've been tried on?

    It depends on what the item is, and the condition. Handbags or wallets tried on doesn't bother me at all, most have been at the store anyway, I'm sure, other than exotics maybe. For shoes and RTW it's a bit tough to say, since I have, in the past, come across shoes that have obviously been tried on too much at the store, and you can feel the difference of even the two shoes (left and right). Then again, when I see those Instagrams, I never imagine that they use the items for a significant amount of time. It usually looks like they just take a short video or photo for Instagram so they can sell quickly and make the commission/sale. I can't imagine store managers would let them just wear things for hours/days and try to sell after.
  3. There’s at least one SA who was very active on social media who is no longer with the company because of it.

    While I like seeing the items, it feels like lazy sales to me. I’m also getting tired of the handful of LV accounts just reposting each other’s posts.
  4. I'm mostly surprised that they need to sell that way, since they almost always seem to post actually desired items. Don't they have buyers already coming into the store? Thinking especially of when they post PMs, TPs, LE items, etc...

    For me I like seeing the items, but like buying through my own SA, but that's just me.
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  5. I’ve heard complaints that some of them hold onto items for a couple hours while trying to sell on Insta while the item isn’t available to people walking into the store. That’s definitely not cool but it is what it is.
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  6. The thing is, you would think it’s only for a *couple minutes* to get the shot but having witnessed it first hand, this isn’t actually the case. They spend a while doing it, walking around the store getting different angles, different lightings, etc. I’m far from picky but it bothers me. There are SO many and some of them are very unprofessional. LV really needs to regulate this (bc let me tell you - they don’t).

    This is what I’m talking about. I could hear a collective client gasp at her perching the bag on this balcony :lol: Also what is LOUIE.
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  7. Is it maybe her bag? How did she get a bag from last season for the pic.
  8. It’s possible! However, she has posted other similar pictures with a lot of newer bags too.
  9. Very nosy to know who lol
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  10. I follow her..I follow a lot of SAs ig and always thought they represented the store. I think it’s helped when they post videos of how a bag looks on or what fits in the bag. I would hope they would treat it the same way that they would showing to a customer. I’m not sure how the IG selling is but it seems easier to sell to a person walking in the store wanting the item than posting and have to deal with trying to sell that way..
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  11. Totally agree. It’s the professional disconnect that gets me. Like simply misspelling the company’s name or walking around the store in a full outfit. I have nothing against the SAs who video the bags on the counters and show the details/what fits inside, that’s extremely helpful to people who don’t have stores near them.

    It’s also very interesting that it only seems to be LV SAs. I’ve never seen another brand (hermes/chanel/dior) have this many SAs on IG, could just be me though?
  12. Misspelling the name of the company you work for is wrong, I agree! I don’t follow any other designers so I’m not sure how they handle that. LV must know that SAs are doing this, I would think they monitor IG.
  13. This is only in my experience and opinion ... I feel like the only way I have been able to get the hard to find items like favorite for example has been from the sales associates on IG. I have great experiences with them all truthfully. I do think that Lv does not approve this for sure. I wish Lv was the way it use to be and you could just walk in the store ask for the bag you been so excited to buy. Leave with it in hand and full
    enjoy the experience. Although I continue to purchase from Lv bc they are my fave I really am over the anxiety and stalking. :/
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  14. What I don't like is when I have ordered a bag from an IG CA and they get it into the store then start taking pictures/videos of it knowing it is my bag/already purchased/not for sale.
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  15. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with wearing a full LV outfit?
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