Thoughts on LV no longer stating where each bag is made? *cloth tag*

  1. It absolutely makes me laugh that the SA's know nothing about the new tags. It is like they have all been brainwashed into "acting surprised" when someone asks. I would like to think that a company as big as LV would communicate all changes made to their bags to their employees. They would have to know that this "ugly little tag" would not go over well.
  2. I think some do. But I've noticed at my store some SA's are in the know and some aren't. Like for instance, months ago I inquired about the speedy b de release date and the SA said it only comes in monogram another SA over heard her and said "yes she's right it is in production to be released in April". I remember having to show an SA the tag in the Artsy, she insisted "we don't put tags in our bags, they're heat stamped" . So today was no surprise at all. I had a feeling this would happen sooner than later and I was right. Something told me to just go ahead and haul the bags I love that don't have this stupid tag. My SA and I both agreed that most people who never look at the stamp will never notice anyway. Honestly I am the only one in my life (besides my friend on the other coast) who carries real designer bags besides Coach, so if it weren't for TPF I wouldn't know a MIU from MIF or MIS. There are tons of people like that. What people will notice is a decline in quality. As tough as this economy is, who wants to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a bag that chips, peals, cracks, misaligned , or has mismatched hardware? C'mon now !! It's so sad.
  3. LUCKY!! When i got my tivoli my LV store in tooanga claimed to only carry "one bag" of each and if a store has more then 1 its cause they were returned bags. Soo my tivoli pm and galiera pm have the cloth tag, although i dont mind but does seem naked my neverfull has the "MIU" on it though
  4. LV quality and service is going down the drain. I am very disappointed.
  5. I think LV wanted to keep this a secret as long as possible and leaving it up to maybe managers to inform their staff. The SA's that I'm in touch with do know and they're not happy about it. I was in the Fashion Island LV and I saw a woman looking at an Artsy and expressing her distaste at the tag, and the SA pulled out every Artsy in the store and she picked the one MIS one. If you're lucky you'll get an SA willing to do that but as far as I've understood they're technically not supposed to do that and basically force you to take the one you're shown.
  6. You took the words right out of my mouth ;)

    Seriously, has it even been confirmed that LV will be outsourcing to China? This speculation is similar to the "price increase" thread which is basically a lot of whining over nothing (sorry, but I've found that thread to be more of a headache than useful. But lets get back on track here). All it takes is for one person to say LV is doing this or that, and the whole thing gets blown out of proportion. Who cares if they're changing the tag. There are people dying in the world. Relax.

    But I highly doubt that LV would risk disgracing their reputation and heritage by implementing Chinese craftsmanship. Just think about it - why on earth would they want to move production to one of, if not, THE biggest counterfeit-trafficking nation in the world? C'mon, lets give LV a little more credit here.
  7. I know, that would be crazy, right? Can you imagine a Chinese factory making LV during the day and faux LV at night? Or the factory workers go across the street to show another set of workers how to make stuff? That would be crazy!! I wonder which factory can make more aligned cles, and who can make the hardware a matching color! What a nightmare!

    LV wouldn't do this to their own brand would they? Not even for profits?
  8. That's a hilarious scenario :p

    I believe another TPF-er did get a confirmation from LV that they do not manufacture bags in China. Believe it was the thread on US craftsmen. So we can all breathe.
  9. I think they will. LV is going downhill as much as I hate saying that. I use to praise looking at Louis Vuitton as the all mighty luxury brand. Now, its just "meh". There's nothing so luxury or exclusive about it. They're trying to cut costs here and there (like making thinner canvas and increasing the price :tdown:) Other brands are doing it like Burberry and Prada, why not LV?
  10. Your line made me chuckle like crazy :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I hate everything fakes stand for but with this new tag system....who knows who is making them now. China is all set up for making LV's (though fake), so it makes me wonder if the same folks making fakes could end up making "real" LV. As ardently as LV fought fakes, I guess they would not go to the people who were making them. Still...just makes me look at things in a different light since we now won't have a clue where they are really being made or where the materials are coming from.
  12. I just realized someone else posted about this concern as well...oops!
  13. If I wanted to carry less expensive bags made in China, I'd buy Dooney or Coach.
    I only feel LV is money well spent if it is a quality bag, made in a country with a reputation for quality, not junk.

    So if LV is going to follow the manufacturing world and start making crap for the masses, well, my obsession will be quickly over.

    Like others have said, hold onto your current collection, ladies.......vintage may be worth a lot in the near future!!
  14. Sorry you got scammed. That is hard to believe that you couldn't tell the difference between a real and a fake. I unfortunately got up close to a fake NF GM and just by touching it and comparing to my NF, you can tell the quality on the canvas. There is a difference.
  15. Hello :smile: I didn't read through this whole thread but I did see the word "China" so I thought I'd post LV's recent corporate message here too (I posted it in another thread as well) LV does NOT make their bags in China nor any 3rd world countries etc... as some people have "presumed" to be true... it's just not the case. The rumors are out of hand. ---

    From Jen. S. LV client services:

    "Our leather goods collections are made in our workshops located in France, Spain, Italy, and in the United States. The manufacture of our shoes and Ready-to-Wear collections is carried out in France and Italy. In all of our workshops, the choice of noble materials, and of skilled artisans, along with the extreme care brought to each phase of the creation of our products perpetuate and renew our tradition of excellence and refinement. Please note, Louis Vuitton items are not made in China, they are only made in one of the four countries noted above.

    This modification was announced in October 2011 and began at the end of January 2012. That 'Made in USA' Small Leather Goods and Handbags are no longer stamped with a country of origin, as some of the materials can come from the other countries that I mentioned above. These items will only be stamped "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS" and the paper insert now states, "made in USA of imported materials." These imported materials are also from the countries mentioned above, and not from China. To avoid misrepresentation, these cards have been added because certain portions of our bags are made in those other countries (Spain, Italy, France), while the bag is assembled in the USA. I do hope this helps you. For further assistance or clarification, please contact Client Services at 866-VUITTON (866-884-8866) or visit us at"

    Hope this helps ease some minds in this thread as well. :smile: