Thoughts on LV Monogramouflage Collection

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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2012
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    Hi Everyone!
    I've been hunting for items from the Monogramouflage collection on the second hand market, because I missed out when they were in stores.

    A reminder that buying/selling/trading is not permitted here.

    What are your thoughts on the items from the collection?

    I'd really like the


    I know all are pretty hard to find, if any of you lovelies own any of the above items, could you please comment on how you like / liked them, fallen outa love, have you used it a lot, and is it easy to pair with outfits?

    Thanks ^^

    P.s These are the items I LoVe
    img-thing.jpeg images-1.jpeg images.jpeg MonogramouflageKeepall55.jpg
  2. Army is an upcoming style, so for this year I say yes. There is a change that it could be a no-go next year, so it would be a risky purchase. But I kinda like them! :flowers:
  3. I,too, missed out in this collection but LVOE it. IMO, I do not think itis outdated at all. Camouflage seems to always come back in style. I like the speedy and the stole the best. I say Go For It!
  4. Love the pegase! I missed out too :sad:
  5. I think the design is pretty contemporary. It would look good with a casual look. I find the speedy very urban chic.
  6. Love the Speedy!
  7. Its not that bad i seen a woman at church with the speedy and her DH is a Marine though. I think camo attire will always be a style somewhere an alil trendy. We do have our military, army, marines ect an they all have their camo and i do think its alil bit of a symbol for the men and women who serve our country :biggrin:
  8. I don't own any of them. But I LOVE the monogramouflage collection. I'd kill to get my hands on a Keepall. Or even a Speedy. But the second hand prices are a little on the ridiculous side. Speedys are selling in the $2500 range. Malleries has a Keepall listed as sold for the price of just under $4000. OUCH.

    But I'd snap one up in a second if I could.
  9. I think it's very edgy and unique. I love the whole line! Would kill for a keepall....
  10. Out of all of those I would only go for the stole.
  11. I love the line! The pegase and keepall are my favorite