Thoughts on LV jewelry

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently purchased the new sweet monogram rings and I'm trying to justify the price. I hate when I get this way!!! :sad: Since it's costume jewelry, do you think it will tarnish and get ugly quickly? I've owned Chanel costume jewelry and never had a problem. I feel like it's a lot to pay for a ring, but I LOVE them.....they're so cute. I then worry that the metal will get crappy because they're rings, kwim?
  2. I really like costume jewelry from chanel and lv, but sometimes I realise that for the same amount of money I could buy real gold and pearls, but they design is priceless!!!!!
  3. I know what you're saying about the real deal!!
  4. Although I LOVE LV bags, I think the jewelry is overrated/overpriced.
  5. I agree. From what I've seen of the it, it never looks like it should carry the high price tag that it does.
  6. I agree, I love it but have never actually bought anything because for the price I would rather put my money towards a bag. It is cute and eye catching, and when I see it on others it looks amazing, but I just haven't been able to justify it yet! Maybe because there is always another bag I want!
  7. I LOVE LV jewelry!!!
  8. While some of it is really pretty, the worksmanship belies the fact that whatever process they use for coating the metal truly sucks.

    Over the years, I've had belts, bracelets, etc. and the coating never stays on. It chips and looks horrible and I end up salvaging what still looks good and trying to wear it as something else.

    Meanwhile, my mom still has Monet jewelry from 30 years ago that she wears to this day that looks brand new and real.

    My jewelry money goes elsewhere. Sorry. Just my experience. :sad:
  9. No, don't be sorry...this is what I was wondering. These are rings which IMO take the most beating when you wear them. I don't want the finish chipping off in a month or so. I've spent over $600 on two rings and I'm beginning to think it's not worth it.
  10. mee too.
  11. I am still thinking to buy or not buy LV pin and hair band.
    Cant decide.
  12. i haven't been able to pull the plug on the jewelry line until very recently. it's my first go at LV jewelry and some are really cute/nice/pretty but when it comes down to it....i rather buy less jewelry from LV and stick to the bags or scarves or sunnies or other accessories.
  13. They are nice but for me personally, at this point and time in my life I would much rather invest in the bags.
  14. I love the Inclusion line more than anything. I do have the Sweet Monogram earrings but I'm always wearing my diamond studs so they don't get worn as often. I believe the Sweet Monogram line is brass but is coated in a very high quality gold plating, meaning it won't wear off after just a few wearings (like Claire's or Icing's jewelry will).
    But for me, since I'm not really into bags right now, the Inclusions are my main focus and are definitely worth it. I get a ton of compliments on them when I wear them!
  15. I'm a fan of LV jewelry... it's so cute and unique, IMO!