Thoughts on LV Inclusion Jewelry? I'm torn...

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  1. I just bought my first piece of inclusion jewelry, a ring, and of course I now want a matching bracelet:graucho:

    However, when I price a ring and bracelet, I could actually purchase a piece of FINE jewelry (tiffany silver, small gold item, etc.). So, what are your thoughts? It is fashion jewelry, after all. :shrugs:

    If you own inclusion jewelry, do you enjoy just as much as your fine jewelry, or more?
    Has it proven to be a worthwhile investment?
    I also wonder if its too flashy for work?

  2. It is what it is-costume jewels. If you like it and can buy it enjoy---
  3. JMHO, I love the inclusion jewelry, however if you are looking at good 'everyday' jewelry that can be worn day in and day out, the Tiffany silver is great (I personally own quite a few). I would mix and match. You have the inclusion ring, so why not a nice Tiffany silver bracelet?

    BTW, inclusion is not too flashy for work!
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  5. Thanks. Its not that I'm "looking for everyday jewelry", I actually already have that. It's just that when I tried on the ring, it was pretty, so I bought it. Naturally, what kind of Tpf'er would I be if I were not looking at a bracelet, to make it a set? lol

    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone regrets spending this much money on fashion jewelry...
  6. With LV regrets. It is gorgeous, and can be dressed up or dressed down. Like Chanel 'costume jewelry' it retains quite a bit of value, perhaps more so than 'real' jewelry from a jewerly store depending on its collectibility and, of course, condition over time (if you ever plan to sell it).

    I personally have spent a small fortune on trendy costume jewelry by Tarina Tarantino. I like what I like, and it gets more complements than my 'real' jewelry (gold/silver/diamonds/etc.).

    Love what you love, and wear what you want to wear hon!

    If you want the bracelet, go for it! The colors don't stick around for very long, so if you see something that you like, get it, JMHO. Good luck! :yahoo:
  7. Great info, thanks! :tup:
  8. No problem! Sometimes I think it's funny that so much emphasis in jewelry is placed on "real" jewelry, when in fact the most complemented items I wear are costume jewelry!

    You only get one life to live, so wear what you love!
  9. I agree, to an extent. One appeal of wearing costume jewelry over my diamonds, has always been that if I lost it, it wouldn't kill me.

    However, when a costume jewelry bracelet is $500, that hurts too :P
  10. Here is my very honest opinion:
    Tiffany silver jewelry (or any silver jewelry) is still costume. It's just silver. You are buying the costume jewelry for the brand. Sure, it's cute, but would you spend the same amount of money on costume jewelry from say, claire's? Absolutely not!
    For around the same amount of money, you could easily buy some really nice fine jewelry on sale at Bloomie's or Macy's. But, if you're not going to wear it every day, then it's not worth it.
    I have a lot of fine jewelry and some costume. I wear my Hermes bangle almost every day, and I always get compliments on it. But at the end of the day, I know my diamonds will never go out of style, and they hold their value a lot better than a plastic or metal bangle from some designer.
  11. Thanks. WTS, are you 'for' the inclusion jewelry?

    BTW, I love my current Tiffany pieces :biggrin:
  12. I have several inclusion bracelets and I love them! Very versatile as they can be worn with casual, work, or dressier clothes. I always get compliments on them.
  13. For me, it's more important to buy something you'll wear. Last year my fiance bought me a ruby and diamond heart necklace for V-day which I've only worn a few times because I rarely wear fine jewelry and on top of that I don't like petite jewelry either. This year he helped me get the heart inclusion necklace and I've worn that a ton in just the last week :smile:
  14. I agree with Sonic!!! Although I have a core of nice pieces of jewelry, I get the majority of compliments on my ever revolving door of costume jewelry!!!

    I live in the midwest, so ofcourse my idea of expensive and others idea of expensive are different. I get compliments the MOST on my wedding set (which is quite large) and my darn QVC Hello Kitty diamonique ring!!! It was less then $100 bucks, but considering most people in my area think $20 is alot for something like that they all look at it with envy.

    I think the costume jewelry draws the most complimets because it's what makes your "style" more then the simple core pieces!!!
    If you like it, go for it!!! If you already have the core pieces, then it's time for some FUN!!!
  15. the inclusion styles are pretty but I find them quite expensive for costume jewelry (unfortunatelly this is the same with the stunning chanel pieces). . . I got real diaonds for that price, of course small ones:biggrin:
    nether the less, the bangles are very versatile and right on the spot between flashy and classy. . . so you can wear them to different occasions.
    If you really like it like you said, you should go for it especially since the bangles are even cooler than the ring