Thoughts on living in Las Vegas??

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  1. Hello tPFers!

    An opportunity for promotion at work as come up, except I would have to relocate to Las Vegas. I have been there a few times before as a tourist :P so I know what "the strip" has to offer, but I'm curious about the city from the POV of its residents.

    There is one guy in my department that transfered here FROM Vegas and he didn't care for the city (he was married and had young kids at the time) but I would like to here opinions from people of all walks of life. I

    Anyone care to share their thoughts? :smile:
  2. I have friends that live in Vegas and they are never on the strip EVER unless friends/fam are visiting. They go to the "locals" casinos and bars off the strip for a more low key Vegas vibe but generally avoid the strip at all costs.

    I know that my friends have said they won't raise their kids in Vegas (one is a student/one just graduated). I don't live there but I frequent Vegas. There are some nice areas I think Henderson?! And some not so nice areas in Vegas to live.

    I guess it depends on the job and your own lifestyle! I'm sure TPF members from Vegas can have a better perspective.
  3. Thanks ChanelGirlE for your thoughts. :smile:

    I don't have kids so it would just be me. I work in telecommunications so aside from work, I really have no reason to go to the strip (except to shop most likely lol). I am a soon-to-be "young" 40 year old so I'm not a club/bar hopper type person either so I'm hoping there is a place for someone like me.

    I feel like Goldilocks right now - Kansas is too boring, but I'm hoping that Vegas isn't too "party hard". LOL!
  4. To me Vegas falls into the nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there category. But I have only been on the strip and downtown. Vegas Long Legs lives there. Maybe she'll weigh in.
  5. My bf lived there for almost a year (for work). He hated it. He was 33-34 at the time. Like most locals he never went to the strip. He disliked the weather (the summer) and felt that Vegas was kind of deserted and had nothing going on about it aside from the strip. He was disappointed at the lack of professional sports teams in the area as well.

    Los Angeles is his home. He's lived in other places (Jersey, Houston, DC) and says Vegas is his least favorite.

    Good thing about Vegas was being close to L.A. And the traffic was great. Also it was fun to have friends/family visit him because they would hang out on the strip. Cost of living is cheaper too.

    Good luck in making your decision.
  6. Thanks Chamber Doll! TBH, I am concerned about the activities/options that are available outside of the strip too. I'm not a gambler at all and a girl can only shop so much (OMG - did I just say that? :smile: )

    :lol: Thankfully that won't be an issue.
  7. bump!
  8. I lived in Vegas for a year the worst part is the heat its way to hot and dry the rent is really cheap they have a hudge Meth problem lots of druggies walking around. A good place for you to live would be summerland its part of Vegas but its the upscale part stay away from north Las Vegas full of druggies it I would never go back
  9. I don't live in Las Vegas, so take this with a grain of salt...

    Honestly, Las Vegas is what you make it - just like any other city.
    It has some of the best food in the US, the recreation opportunities abound, the cost of living is affordable, and other than the middle of summer, the climate is excellent.
    I have been looking at a vacation property in Las Vegas for the past couple of years with the intention of spending 2-3 weeks at a time every few months or so. This is my goal for my 50th birthday.
    I can't speak of all of the neighbourhoods but I know the Summerlin area quite well and I'm starting to enjoy Henderson/Anthem a bit more too. Both would be excellent choices.
    Home prices are still quite affordable but I'm afraid I'm not well-versed on state income tax stuff.
    What do you like to do?
    What kind of commute would you be looking at?
    McCarran is a great airport and you can fly to literally every city in the US from there for pretty cheap.
    There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that you could not visit the strip for months and you'd still be left with a list of fun stuff.
    Do you like the Arts? The new (or maybe it's not THAT new anymore) Smith Center is awesome. I saw Les Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo there last spring. It's a beautiful building. There are a few performing arts centers throughout the valley.
    Life isn't all about shopping but there is some great shopping in Las Vegas as well.
    You're broke this month? Head down to the strip for some free entertainment. Stagette girls in their tube-top-as-skirt teetering in their sky high platforms are always worth a giggle. Walk through the conservatory in the Bellagio. You'll never be bored. I know "real locals" don't go to the strip - I live in a resort town too and I rarely head into the touristy part of town on weekends or US/CDN holidays.
    You like nature? Good. There's lots of it. Check out (and get a membership) to the Springs Preserve. I have one and I'm not even a resident but it's a nice quiet place away from the city.

    I don't know, kansas, what's holding you back?

    I hope this wasn't too jumbled, I was just writing it all down as it was coming into my head. I have more stuff to write but I'm gonna save it.
  10. ITA with V0N, especially the airport access, dining, shopping, etc. To add on, there is no state income tax in Nevada.
  11. Thanks Von and Redney for your thoughts....

    What's holding me back? nothing! lol. I have an interview/meeting with the person who would be my new boss next week so if the money is what I'm asking, I'm there! lol.
  12. As far I know, living in Nevada is cheaper because of lower income tax, but living in Las Vegas as a city is not bad at all when you think. City is active all year long and you will find everything that you cna find in any big city. SO why not to move? It will be just as an experience.
  13. Go for it! Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Ditto to much of what has already been stated. I would stay away from living in North Las Vegas too. So many issues there, mostly around lack of money to finance services properly. Hopefully someday soon they'll annex NLV into LV.

    For me the only downfall of being here is the 2 months out of the year when temps can reach over 110. This is when we will take a vacation. We had some really cold weather (below zero!) in December. Since then the weather has been very pleasant.

    There's tons to do here. We have many state & federal parks very close. Pacific ocean 5 hours away. You name a hobby or interest, there is a group here you can join.

    McCarren airport has several international cities one can fly to nonstop also. I think I saw the list on their website.

    I wouldn't say its 'cheap' to live here. But it all depends on how you like to be entertained. (It is fun watching the stag parties of either sex about midnight on the weekends. lol)
    Most 'locals' don't go down on the strip. (We are down there at least once a week, for business).
    I can't imagine missing out on the fine dining, shows, entertainment this city has to offer by not going to the strip. What is offered off the strip is not like on the strip.

    To each his own.
  14. Thanks Vegas Long Legs for your input. :smile:

    I did not realize that NLV is technically NOT apart of Vegas? Good to know...
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    OH KS you are welcome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If its something specific & I don't have an answer, I'll be glad to find out.

    I had no clue either about NLV till we had our warehouse up there.(Our warehouse is back in the midwest. Cheaper rent & good solid loyal employees) NLV is a very manufacturing oriented area like many cities have. Soda & beer bottlers, commercial bakers, 18 wheeler fix it places, this is the area where any thing that is manufactured is located. (The people on TANKED were right across the drive from our warehouse.) Lots of truckstops in that area. Its also near the airforce base so you never know what you are going to see. I saw 5 batwing B1 bombers fly in formation one day over our warehouse! Was really cool.

    You've probably hear of RC farms? The pig production that takes all the food left over from the strip, cooks it all together & creates a fine dining experience for the hogs. Houses are now built near this & they complain about the smell! :pout: Duh, the pigs were there first. And they are preforming a service that is needed. Mike Row on Dirty Jobs did a show about this.
    I would also try to live near where your office is located. Traffic isn't real bad here most times.

    If you are looking to buy, A trick the RE agents do is try to talk you into the areas where they get paid a double commission for selling. Here's two, Alliente or Southern Highlands. Both are very inconvinent. Alliante is way way north of the city.
    Southern Highlands is gorgeous, but its way south & unless you work in that area, you are going to have traffic to work & from.

    Southern Highlands has a shady area & one of DH cousins had a client get killed there who was going to a party. The young man was visiting from KCMO.
    And its on the way out of town to LA so you get that traffic too. Oh the agents will tell you this is where EVERYONE is moving to!

    This is where you will make the most money when you want to sell. BS! These areas have lots of empty houses cause people realized they were sold a tall tale or they decidd they didn't wan to drive all that way to get anywhere.