Thoughts on Limited Edition Speedy / Neverfull

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  1. Hi !! I just wanted to ask you how do you think about limited edtion bags ?

    Since some days ago, I cannot stop thinking about Speedy 30 Monogram Jungle !!!!

    I already have 3 speedies ( Speedy B Mono 30 / Speedy 35 Damier / Speedy 30 Azur ) and I would love to have a limited edition speedy.....It is a piece of art .......

    But then I can already kind of imagine myself feeling a bit embarassed to carry this bag next year and on...

    I remember Kusama fever some years ago, do you still use them ??
    If I buy a speedy jungle this year, I will be only proud of that beautiful bag this summer ??
    I know it does not matter what other people think or you should carry whatever bag you like....but since it will be my first limited edition piece, i wanted to hear opinion of those who have bought the limited edtion pieces ( especially bags ) before.

    I am undecided to get speedy mono jungle or Alma BB in Epi Rose Ballerine for the anniversary gift.

    Thank you so much in advance for your insights !!
  2. Definitely a matter of personal taste. I recently purchased the speedy totem in flamingo that was released last year. It's such a gorgeous, special twist to the classic that I'll carry that one for as long as I'm breathing. If it's special to you, go for it!!
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  3. I personally did not care for the Kusama at all and I only considered the jungle in SLGs. But it's totally up to you. That bag will most likely have a better resale value if you do end up changing your mind since its limited edition, so that's something to keep in mind
  4. A matter of personal taste for sure.
    The seasonal versions of bags can be hit or miss in my opinion.
  5. I like them, but since I wear patterned dresses in the summer, they clash with the patterns.
  6. i like them to a certain extend. I tend to gravitate towards ones that's more classic and not too flashy. For example, i do not mind owning a Mirage Speedy in Noir or the Paillettes in Blue. With that said, if it suit your personality and you love it, get it!
  7. I have the jungle NF with the red palm dot and I love it. I dont see why you would feel embarrassed carrying this bag. I think the truth is most people will not even know its a seasonal LV release so I dont think anyone you are passing by will be thinking "Oh my goodness that Palmdot speedy is sooo summer 2016". I say if you like it go for it. I really like the red and blue palm because I live in NY and I think it will carry over into fall time nicely.
  8. So in love with my Palm Springs NF. I plan on carrying it for a long time. I knew when I saw it, it had to be mine. If you love it, go for it :smile:

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  9. Thank you all for your insights !!
    I appreciate each of the messages you wrote and beautiful picture of NF jungle !
    Tomorrow I will go to LV in Venezia and will see both bags in person and
    will follow my heart !!