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  1. Hi, everyone!

    I've read previous threads about let-trade and other preowned bag sellers. My question is, why is he preferred over other resellers eg. authentic_lvlady, lvlady99 etc...etc...Whenever there is a question about preowned bag, his name is always the first to come up.
  2. i haven't dealt with let-trade before but from what i can see on the website, prices are reasonable.
  3. Coz we'll be able to nego the price with LT. I don't think authentic_lvlady or lvlady99 will accept nego. The best authentic_lvlady ever offered me, BIN price she setup incl. shipping.
  4. Just to inform you, I bought 13 LV from LT since 2005 ( when I was not o'eBay yet ) and all going to smooth transactions :flowers:

    Beside it, although LT gave me free shipping, she never folded my LVs. She always use very huge box and much bubble plastic.

    I bought from authentic_lvlady once and to be honestly, I disatisfied with the way she packaged my LV! I know it's great deal, LV Epi Vanilla Jasmin $399 incl. shipping ( I'm in Asia and I think the shipping cost won't as high as if we ship to USA & Euro ) BUT, she used very thin box and FOLDED my jasmin! We all know, Jasmin is epi hard. It made both side leather on my Jasmin got long crease :push: but I never told her to kept good business ship. I really appreciate LT never did it to me :heart:
  5. I have yet to buy anything from Let-Trade but I think it's important that there's someone like him (everyone's been caling LT HIM so..) whom we can trust with the authenticity of these branded bags, also the pricings are pretty ok.
    Imagine getting a fakie in the mail, I'll be screaming and tearing at my hair!!
  6. I believe there are several threads regarding this, perhaps doing a search would help you.

    Aside from that, they have great prices, and are great to work with. You can get better deals because you can buy without going to eBay, thus lower cost because they dont have to pay eBay.
  7. I believe a lot of people like LT because of the low prices.

    As Bag Fetish stated, this topic has been covered a few times in the past, so perhaps try using the search feature above next time.
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