thoughts on large calf campana

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  1. Hm. I do know that my knot clutch is in ottone finish, but it is in calf ottone...
  2. thanks so much. could you take a picture of the calf ottone? i would be so grateful. it sounds wonderful. anything you can tell me would be so appreciated!
  3. Bunkie, your ferro (silver) knot clutch is in ottone lining and in calf? The bronze (ottone) karung one I saw was in satin ottone.
  4. Yes I am pretty sure it is some kind of leather. Let me go grab it and try to take some pics for you guys (seriously, any excuse to photograph it again!!)
  5. Ok here you go. Pics aren't the greatest (it is 2 a.m., my husband thinks I'm nuts, crouching over and peering into my little clutch), but I am positive it is leather. It could be nappa? But seems like calf.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  6. ^ Bunkie, you may be right, it looks exactly the same. Hmmm, I should have taken a much closer look.
  7. bunkie, ms piggy-omg-i have never seen anything so beautiful. thank you so much for the pictures. i have been checking every hour for them. only my tpf friends would understand. thanks again
  8. Bunkie, that ottone lining is TDF, I love you clutch, simply GORGEOUS!
  9. Bunkie, you're such a doll for being so obliging! :flowers:

    Gorgeous, gorgous Knot btw, but you already knew that!
  10. Bunkie - your clutch is beautiful. I have been looking at them for ages but cannot justify the purchase as I carry so much stuff with me in my evening bags!