Thoughts on Intrecciato Nappa Brick Bag

Jan 3, 2013
Hi -

This is my first time to post o BV forum. I have a few BV bags and truly love them. I am thinking of getting another one. I saw a black intrecciato nappa brick bag yesterday at BV. It really looks like a brick.

I wonder if anyone has a brick bag and can share with me your experience with it. Does the top of the bag slouch in? I am hoping that it holds the shape of the brick. I suppose it depends how much stuff I put.

Also what do you think about the tourmaline color vs black?



Mar 28, 2009
Margate, NJ
It does not hold the shape of a brick
it bellys out at the bottom with stuff in it
if you look through the celebrity thread Salma Hayek has a black cervo brick bag
You can see what it looks like in the pics
I don't know about the nappa woven version but I am sure ppl will chime in and give you opinions


Jan 25, 2008
SF Bay Area
I was seriously looking at the new brick which is smaller than the original one. There is a defined perimeter piping on the top that forms a rectangle. The rest of the bag would slouch over time.

When you hold the handles, the bag folds in where the zipper is. It is a very roomy satchel. Also the handles are long enough to wear it over the shoulder.

If you look at the body of the bag, it has a faint line in the middle. It looks to me it is where two panels are connected or somehow the woven transition is located. Not sure if it would matter but thought I'd point it out since I didn't notice it until I saw the bag in person.
Jan 3, 2013
Thanks. I was looking at the new brick too. It is much smaller than the original one and looks chic. I have asked BV's SA to locate a tourmaline one for me as I am looking for something in navy blue.