Thoughts on "inspired" handbags

  1. What are your thoughts on "inspired" handbags? I got the idea from the thoughts on "fake" handbags. Inspired handbags are not trying to take the names of designers, and they are not produced illegally, rather they just create handbags reminiscent of higher-end designers.

    My thoughts: I've bought some inspired handbags or something similar (and I say similar, not a complete clone) to a very expensive handbag that I loved the style of but couldn't afford, and I think there is nothing wrong with it if it isn't counterfeit. Clothing is based mostly on what the high-end designers create, so why not handbags, too?

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  2. I believe there are a few threads about this. just do a quick search using the word "inspired".
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    Anyway, to respond, I don't think there's anything wrong with inspired handbags. As you say it happens in all areas in fashion. Designers even inspire themselves, you usually see a toned down versions of the runway stuff in the stores. This way everyone can have good design in their life. Just don't stick someone else's name on your product.
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