Thoughts on Hermes Orange Bag Charm

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  1. Hiya- I haven't seen a thread on this, so please correct me if I'm wrong...

    what do y'all think about the new Hermes Orange Bag charm? I think it's super cute!!

    any reactions from people who have the item?

  2. I was really excited about this charm coming out but honestly, I'm pretty disappointed with the quality. In person it looks more like a DIY craft project than an Hermes piece. The leather is, of course, buttery soft as it's the same leather they use for Rodeo's but the stuffing feels very cheap. I actually saw a couple that my friends got that were completely misshapen due to the stuffing material moving around and they looked almost flat. I honestly would choose a Rodeo over this any day.
  3. I was offering one and declined. I am not a bag charm person. I was also offered a rodeo and I agree it looked much better made. The top of the orange bag charm I saw did not lie flat.
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  4. I think it's cute, but I have a limit and $455 for a bag charm is definitely beyond it.
  5. It would be a hard “no” for me. Admittedly, I don’t care for charms in the first place, but this is really unappealing.
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  6. Agreed
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  7. no for me. hayashi handcraft makes a cuter orange box charm in my humble opinion.
  8. So surprised by these responses! My local boutiques say they can't keep them in stock, they are so popular :confused1:
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  9. I love them so much I bought 2!!
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  10. Hard no. I’m not a bag charm person, at all.
  11. I have one , it is so cute . Sure it is not well crafted as a rodeo but that didn't keep me from buying one . My issue now after buying it, is that it doesn't match with most of my bags that I originally wanted it to match with :sad:. I can only use it with blue, black, whiteish, gold bags . That is a verity yes , but at the same time I wanted to originally use it with reds and purples. I think I miss judged it when I bought it and thought and orange bag will look nice on a b25 rose de core GHW :huh: or a kelly 25 ostrich rouge vef GHW .

    But it is so nice on my mini halzan in nior swift GHW, So k25 epsom blue sapphire \ blue electric BPHW , b25 togo craie PHW , gold Lindy 26 GHW and TPM blue nuit PHW. It matches 5 of my bags , this is an accomplishment for charms , some of my rodeos only match a specific color + black only !
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  12. It's a NO for me! And yes to Hayashi Handcraft.
  13. Love mine! Goes with a lot of my bags! Super cute! My SM said they had to limit the number of them each SA can sell to their clients as they had so many requests for them. On the other hand, I don't care for the rodeos at all. :smile:
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  14. It brings so many happy thoughts to mind for me as a collector... it’s a mini representation of that heart racing feeling I get when presented with all my goodies wrapped so lovely in that amazing bright orange shopping bag (I keep those too). Had to have one! Love it!
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