Thoughts on Hayden Harnett's Tokyo Clutch?

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  1. I have been on the prowl for a small everyday bag that could be dressed up or down. After much deliberation (and help from PFers, thank you!), I've ended up with TWO very different bags:

    LV Monogram Mat Fowler in Noir (which is more gunmetal than black):



    Ferragamo in black:


    I've recieved the LV (love it!), and have yet to receive the Ferragamo. Should be any day now.

    HOWEVER, I've lately been infatuated with Hayden Harnett's Tokyo Clutch, so
    I'm thinking about treating myself to a THIRD bag (am I crazy?). I orig also considered HH's Lorca or Mercer Clutch, but changed my mind on those.

    Tokyo Clutch in Black:


    Tokyo Clutch in Lavender:


    What do you think? Should I go for it, or pass on this? Which color do you like better? Anyone have the lavender?
  2. I LOVE the lavender. I just blogged it yesterday! I think it makes more of a statement for the price than the other options. AND you can get 20% off before the 15th.
  3. I like the Tokyo Clutch, although I think it is on the big side. More like a shoulder bag. I like the fact that the chain strap is detachable.
  4. Love, Love, Love the Lavender! It's different and unique, but not too diff. Go for it! And show pictures when you get it:smile:
  5. Just ordered the lavender - can't wait for it to arrive!
  6. ^^ wow love it!! congratulations!! cant wait to see you modeling it :smile:
  7. i cant see last 2 pics :sad:
  8. Received my lavender tokyo clutch today! I was so excited to open the box... but it's so much darker than I imagined. It almost looks black. It looks more purple in the pic b/c of the flash... maybe it's just dark in my house? Maybe I'll just wait until daylight tomorrow to really see what color it is?

    For those of you who have this, is yours this dark?


  9. It looks great in the pic! I've been infatuated with the Lavender Tokyo clutch as well. Let us know what you think in the morning;)
  10. YUM it looks fantastic!