Thoughts on Hayden-Harnett's louvre satchel?

  1. Ok I officially have an HH addiction...What do you think of the louvre satchel?


  2. I'm obsessed, I look at it every 20 mins. online, trying to determine if it's too "trendy" for me. I'm more of an LV/Gucci girl, but I LOVE satchels. I think if I decide to get it I'll go for the dark brown, I wish they had it in Navy. I think I'm going to have to pick up the Celina cuff bracelet in luggage as well ; )
  3. Haha I'm the same way. Love this forum and knowing that there are ladies out there with the same affliction. :yes: I love the chocolate too - in fact I think it would be my first choice but I already own lots o choco bags, including the catalina work tote. I love the retro style of the louvre and the paule marrot print lining inside. Let me know if you do get it! I'd love to hear feedback. Oh and hh luggage leather is awesome -- just picked up the mercer satchel in that color and it's divine.
  4. I'm also seriously considering this bag. I'm a big fan of HH bags. I've found them to be practical as well as stylish. Just worried that it might be a tad big.
  5. hey pseub,

    your posts helped convince me to get the mercer satchel! and now i want another hh satchel...! bad me.
  6. I love HH, but I'm not a big fan of this bag, for some reason. The tan one looks like a potato to me, but the red is pretty.
  7. great style, but man, that's HUGE! i'd feel like i was carrying a duffle bag around!
  8. yeah, i actually really do like the shape, but maybe it is too big for the structured satchel form...
  9. Another fan of HH but I think this bag just looks enormous.
  10. I love satchels... so of course i love this bag!
  11. Not feeling the Love on this particular HH. HippyChick took the words from my mouth....A big Ol' Tan Potato! But it's a Hayden Harnett, and I won't say anything about their bags. Maybe this is a "Grow on you" type bag.
  12. pm_louvre_plum_fold_med.jpg
  13. I have the Louvre in plum and I love it. It's beautifully made, it smells heavenly, and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's definitely big, but it is not as heavy as the Marc Jacobs bag that I have been carrying a lot lately. Also, there is something about the shape of the bag that makes it difficult to pack too much in it.

    I like my Louvre so much, I can't wait to get another Hayden Harnett bag. I really want the Mercer clutch in yellow.
  14. I love that style!!! I debated getting it when it was on sale, but I worried that the webbed shoulder strap might get dirty... Alas, it ain't on sale no more.

    Still, v. lovely bag!
  15. I got this recently in chocolate. It is not a huge huge bag and is very light weight. I think it is really lovely but it is quite similar to my HH hobo in chocolate and not as pretty. Also, I wonder if this season's leather is a bit thinner and less luxurious. I love HH but this one is going to my sister.