Thoughts on Gryson Rachel?

  1. I just snatched up a Gryson Rachel in black on NM's clearance link tonight but I realized afterwards that this bag is huge. I DO like big bags and have always wanted a Gryson but am wondering if this is a case of "sale sale sale gotta have it rather than need it" temporary insanity. :lol:

    I can cancel it by tomorrow morning so there's still time, so I was curious to find out people's thoughts on this bag, if anyone has it, or has modeling pics. I did a TPF search and came up pretty short on comments on this particular bag, which I don't think bodes well. :shame:

    Here's the link:
  2. it's cute! congrats! esp on sale!
  3. Hi Jade....
    I have the Tate and I think it is plenty Large enough (10" x 10"). I looked at a Tate in the store once but it's near humongous. The 14 across isn't bad but it's so deep at 18 inches high.
    I love My Grysons and sometimes the quality of the bag will make you keep it regardless of how it functions for you. These bags reek of quality but I wouldn't have opted for the Rachel just because of it's size.

    Here's a beauty of a tate from a TPF member I believe...
  4. I saw the Tate in IRL at the Nordstrom sale and found it too small. It just had a lot going on for a bag that size. If the Rachel was available, I think I would have snatched it up. Enough rambling, I think you may want to wait and see if it works for you before you decide against it. Congrats on the killer deal too :yes:
  5. After all the craziness of the Gryson sale I ended up with the Tate in Cerise. I think you have the same one. I haven't used mine yet and I am wondering are you still loving it as much as you did a couple months ago? Now that some time has passed and you probably have carried it more, is it still one of your favorites? Functionality, etc.? Thanks!!!
  6. No, I have a Tate in Camel that I bought about 2 years ago. I LOVE that bag. I think it's the coolest thing. It is just the right size for me and I love how the shoulder straps attach at the front of the bag instead of on the side of the zipper.
    My Husband says it looks like a backpack but I don't care. I love how it wears. And the leather looks as great as the day I got it. I should have waited.....I paid 800.00 at Active Endeavors (ouch!)
  7. I think the Tate is too small but the Rachel seems pretty big. On the other hand it's a perfect day bag and Gryson makes gorgeous bags so I would stick with it!
  8. Ok girls. I *DO* love big bags. You've convinced me. How can I really go wrong with this label? :lol:
    I'll let you know when I receive it and post pics!