Thoughts on gray boots

  1. [​IMG]What

    What do you think of these boots? Is the color versatile?
  2. i think they are pretty good lookin'. i think the color could be versatile. i'd buy them if i were in the market for boots.
  3. love them...
  4. Love grey boots!!! very versatile!
  5. I adore gray boots, but for me personally, I prefer gray suede over gray smooth leather (which tends sometomes to look like whale skin).
  6. I love, I instantly got a flash of all the clothes I could wear with those boots
  7. i don't like them b/c of the big buckle
  8. I really like them, and I like the buckle - it's makes them more interesting.
  9. I'm with everyone else, I love them!
  10. I love them. I wear a lot of gray - jeans, tops, dresses - which I usally wear with a pop of yellow, red or electric blue. I have gray ankle boots but now I'm looking for some tall ones like you posted.