Tech Thoughts on GPS?

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  1. Didn't see a thread on this so just wondering...........My 16 yo daughter is now driving a Chevrolet Cruze but it did not come with GPS. In the cases where she has no idea where a place is, she just uses my car as it has built in GPS. Her bday is coming up and thought a good idea to buy her one.
    What is a good brand? Any ideas will help. TIA
  2. Can she not use her phone??

    Both Google Nav (via Google Now) and Siri have voice activated Nav and handsfree voice directions.
  3. I always take my Garmin GPS with me when I travel and am renting a car so I second that recommendation if you go that route and she has need for a true GPS.

    The phone is a great idea too for local as long as she has a good data plan and battery life. I always turn off my phone GPS when I travel because it drains the battery so much. You may want to test it out first to see if that's an issue for her at all and, of course, does voice commands so she's not fooling with the phone and trying to drive.

    Good Luck!
  4. I always have a car charger available, just in case. :smile:
  5. My phone runs hot on the charger so it just doesn't work for me. Course I could always get a nicer phone. :smile:
  6. I agree w/ Charles. . . get her a clip/cradle things that her phone sets into so she can glance at it as needed. Voila!
  7. All phones run hot when they're charging. If it's getting very hot, then look into a new battery or charger.
  8. This is one of the iPhone's greatest benefits, and it's sufficient for me and many others.
  9. I think using the car's built in charger was my issue. It doesn't run hot normally at home. Unfortunately, Google doesn't let you replace batteries. :sad: Thank you for the info. Still trying to figure it all out....
  10. Ah, you have a Nexus phone.
    Either way, your phone has a built in feature that will shut it down if it gets too hot. As long as it's not doing that, you're fine. If it is shutting off, just get another car charger from Best Buy/Tiger Direct.
  11. I'll ask her about this. Save myself some $$$, lol
  12. Good to know. Thanks!
  13. The phones work well, but it doesn't work for any international travel your roaming charges will be staggering! I like my Garmin Nuvi. I've had TomTom and they just don't work as nicely! Garmin makes a great product
  14. If she has to go international, call up her cell provider, tell them you're traveling and they'll give you an unlock code. Unlock your phone, then buy a prepaid SIM once you get to your destination. They're very affordable and will alleviate any roaming charges.