Thoughts on Goldenbleu??? ++

  1. :confused1:I love the quality but having some buyers' remorse..I bought the Katie clutch in black leather,on impulse, it is gorgeous but realistically I have carried it 2x and can't see using it much
  2. Do you have any pictures?
  3. They are cute, I personally am not relaly a fan of patent leather, but I think they are really nice...I also never really use a clutch unless I am going out at night...maybe you could return it for something you like better? But it is very cute!
  4. I have been really impressed with the quality of the leather on their bags.
  5. i feel like many of goldenbleu's styles are striking, but a bit unwearable. i don't see a lot of them, except for maybe the parker and some clutches, as being bags you could carry often.
  6. Thanks, the one I have is NOT patent leather
  7. I love Goldenbleu. I have a small Katherine bag, and it's my absolute favorite. The quality of their bags is great and I think the styling is very distinct and cool. Plus, they have phenomenal customer service, which is a big bonus in my opinion.
    I actually don't use my bag much lately because I need a bigger bag for school, but I feel really good when I am wearing it. I imagine that when you use your Katie clutch you feel really elegant. I think that's worth it, even if you don't use it everyday.
    If it's really bothering you though, you can always sell your clutch...I'm sure someone would love to give it a good home. :smile:
  8. I feel that their leathers are wonderful. However, the styles are either hit or miss with me and they are a bit pricey.
  9. the leather is great and I love the suede lining. I have the Jordan and feel this bag is definitely well made. but you should return your bag if you have any doubts! I'm sure you won't have any problems finding another bag you'll love w/o any regrets!