Shoes Thoughts on getting rockstud caged flats and heels in the same colour?


Mar 10, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
Hi ladies, I currently have the caged flats in poudre colour and I've always loved the heels as well. I bought a pair of kitten heels in leopard with gemstones. Definitely don't wear them much due to the wild print (but still love them). I'm now thinking of getting another pair of rockstud heels (10mm) but the only colour I think I'll get a lot of use out of it is poudre and I really love the colour and how easy it goes with everything.

I need advice and maybe even suggestions on other colour alternatives. I'm open to anything x Thanks in advance!
May 24, 2015
Don't think there is anything wrong with owning the same colour. After all one pair of shoes is a flat one and the other ones are

The other colour I can think of is the blk ones. Let us know what you decide on


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May 25, 2006
Agree that flats and heels look very different, but if you dont own too many black heels, get the black noir or original black. Another option would be red.


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If you think you'll get a lot of use out of the high heels in poudre then you should get them. I have both the caged flats and 65mm heels in burgundy because I have so much burgundy in my wardrobe.

If you prefer another colour other than poudre maybe you could consider an all black pair of rockstuds.