Thoughts on Gallery Tote...

  1. I've been wanting to get one of these. I would love it if they had a legacy leather/stripe interior. However, since they don't I'm considering the mahogany patent. BUT - I think that patent might be kind of "faddish." Any thoughts? Would I be better off getting just a regular signature. I think that the khaki would look good with jeans and legacy stuff I already have. Please help me decide!
  2. I'm actually more of a fan of the beaded totes, but I agree the patent may be short lived.
  3. I adore the patent leather and although it seems like a fad because patent has exploded allover the place, I think generally speaking, it is a classic and will be around forever.
  4. I LOVE the beaded totes. The patent is just a trend that will shortly be "out" in my opinion.
  5. I've been thinking that too - after a couple of months I'd probably get tired of the shiny finish. I'll probably get the signature in khaki - nice and neutral and will go with everything - including stuff in summertime.
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