Thoughts on Fume

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  1. I am really torn now. I went to a BV store yesterday and tried a parachute and medium veneta in Fume. I compared it with medium veneta in Walnut and admit that I like both colors. Medium veneta is cute, but I am afraid it is too small. Unfortunately the store no longer has many styles in Fume, only medium veneta, parachute and large iron bag.

    Fume is a light gray, so I am afraid that it will get dirty easily. Any thoughts on color and style?
  2. Oh gosh, you really are torn aren't you?! I'm wondering if Fume might be more you. It's cooler toned and you seem to be drawn to that. Yes, Fume will show dirt more than Walnut. You'd have to be a bit more careful than with your darker colored bags.

    I think the large Iron in Fume could be really really pretty. Very feminine and clean. I like the visual of that bag more than the parachute and the veneta.
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    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
    Thanks, Grietje. I think I will forget about Fume and Walnut for now as there will be a special event coming up in June where BV will feature the 2014 Fall/Winter bags. I will wait for the new colors.
  4. Good idea. In a way neither is speaking to you because you would have bought it otherwise!
  5. I would definitely wait to see what new colors too, unless you really love Fume, I personally would get before Walnut, because isn't Walnut consider a classic color? However, I'm sure they will come out with some new color that is just irresistable.
  6. You might be confusing walnut with Chene, a tan color. Also, another version of walnut was released several years ago. As for this walnut, It came out for resort and spring but it remains to be seen if it will be continued. I don't think it's been hugely popular so my guess is that it won't be part of the FW14 collection of colors.
  7. Chene is a more mustardy color than Walnut.
  8. In this case, I'm pretty sure the one I have is Walnut, I say that I "believe" it to be a classic color, because I had this purse for at least 5 years, and I keep seeing this color each year ever since. It does require more caring since it is quite easy to pick up dirt and color transfer. Mine is currently getting a re-dye per BV boutique, since they told me that a standalone Spa Treatment wouldn't do much for what I was looking for.

    Is Chene part of the classic line? It's also a lovely color from a quick search, and would be an easier color to wear year round compare to Walnut.
  9. I could be wrong but I believe Chene is the color that has been around for quite awhile and the Walnut was just re-introduced last Fall. I know this because for several years I looked at Chene each season and there was just something I didn't like about it so
    I waited for a better tan and it finally appeared with Walnut. I think either color could eventually be soiled. I try to not ever put my bags on the floor and that seems to keep them pretty clean.