Thoughts on Espadrille sandals

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  1. hello!
    I just bought my first pair of espadrille sandals and was wondering your thoughts on them? Do they hold up for several seasons?
    I don’t plan on wearing these daily but probably once or twice a week.

    I was going to get a tweed pair but I was afraid the fabric would be a real pain to keep clean since most of it was white.

    Thanks for your input

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  2. I purchased a pair last summer, I found them to be so comfortable but I have only had them for one season so can’t say if they will hold up for several seasons.
  3. These are super cute! I bought these last year. I have to admit though that I feel pressure on the top of my foot when I’m walking. I’m not sure if it’s because the embellishment on mine is pressing down when I walk or if the rope sole doesn’t have enough flex or give. But I love them anyway. They definitely were not good for running in the airport. Lol!
  4. They didn’t look too worn out after one season?
  5. No they are fine:smile: