Thoughts on Epi Zippy?

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  1. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Epi zippy in Cassis. I took a look at it and while functional, I feel like it's a little plain. Maybe it's th Epi leather moreso than the color. I love the Vernis but I think that's too hard to maintain. What do you all think of the Epi zippy?
  2. It's really stylish, I love mine. Even that I have managed to get some sort of dirt right on to louis vuitton text, the whole purse is very clean and easy to maintain. ( I was even afraid of putting there coins at first, because they would get the wallet dirty :nuts: but you'll notice after awhile that they won't)

  3. I LOVE this zippy in the Cassis! So different, you rarely see a wallet done in purple!
  4. I am not crazy about the silver hardware and won't get it for that reason.
  5. I have the Epi Zippy in Cassis! I love it and have gotten more compliments on that wallet than any of my others. The purple catches their eye!
  6. I think it's fabulous!