Thoughts on Epi Key Pouch

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  1. Would anyone who has this item recommend it? I love the size of it and the snap closure. I'm torn between getting this and the Empriente key pouch.
  2. It's a lovely piece. It would be the perfect small wallet if it has the zipped pocket at the back, just like the Empreinte Cles. Love the Empreinte Cles but would be perfect if it has gussets on both sides instead of just one.

    Snap closure is more convenient that a zip closure!

    I'm biased cause I love the Empreinte but if the Epi comes with a zip, I'll get that anytime over the Empreinte.

    It's a tough choice!
  3. I highly recommend the Emp Cles. I adore mine. nvie made some great points above and I agree with her. I wish there were gussets on both sides instead of just one. I use mine as a small wallet inside my Eva and also for my keys inside my bag on a daily basis. It fits a ton and smells delicious!
  4. Another vote for emp cles
  5. I think either key pouch would be great to start out with. :smile:
  6. I don't have the Epi Key Pouch, but I recently got the Empreinte Key Pouch and I love it! I can't believe I waited this long to get one. It's such a great piece for cards, coupons, cash, etc. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  7. I have the epi Rabat key pouch in Noir and absolutely love it as a small wallet! I used it all the time and the durability is great! Highly recommend! It does come with a card slot on inside for most used cards and then you have the giant opening for other cards/cash/items :smile:
  8. I've been using my Empreinte cles as a wallet attached to my keys and it's a great piece, but I'm re-thinking it. Since I put everything in it (I really only have about 10-12 cards and a bit of cash), I'm not sure I want it dangling off my keys. May just get a DE cles to attach to my keys with coins, and then go for a slim business card holder in Empreinte (gussets on both sides which I prefer) or Epi.

    I swear there's a tiny tear in the leather on mine and I'm taking it to LV this weekend. It's only 3 months old!
  9. I think the key pouch w/snap is fantastic and so roomy. Can't go wrong.
  10. I love my epi Rabat key pouch! Mine is in fuchsia. I use it as a small wallet in my smaller bags. I can fit a few cards in the card slot inside also cash and my two key fobs with a few keys. I love it because I hate the keys hanging out that could potentially wreck microfiber lining in some of my bags over time. It's amazing. Smells amazing still. And I use it everyday and the wear is non existent. Take the plunge with epi.