Thoughts on Epi Gobelins backpack?

  1. I've always wanted a black leather backpack. I know a lot of people don't like backpacks, but I find them quite handy.
    Anyway, I'm undecided on the shape of this. Is it kind of odd? Just wondering what people think and if anyone has one.


  2. It's not bad.
    The outside pocket could probably be useful for smaller items (i.e. coins or tickets) so you don't have to dig through the backpack.
  3. i prefer the mabillon just seems like it has a more organic shape to it that looks better on the back.
  4. that backpack looks too rigid IMO
  5. I love this bag. I want it in toledo blue or some other vintage epi colour.
  6. Not for me....epi seemd too classy for a backpack, imho
  7. I think it looks weird, lol. It's too bad LV doesn't make the Montsouris backpack in a soft leather, but I like the mono one.
  8. I had one of those a long time ago and quite honestly it was a pain the the butt to get in and out of. Way to rigid and bugged me on my back. I became quite frustrated with it and eventually sold it. :sad:
  9. That's kind of what I was thinking. I wish they made the Montsouris in leather.
    Thanks all!
  10. I have one of those, and it's rigid.
  11. Look too uncomfortable to carry. for backpack, i guess its better to get something softer.
  12. I don't think it would sit right, & the rigidity would make me frustrated.
  13. Eh, its not really me. The shape looks kind of odd, IMO.