Thoughts on Epi Cyan Alma bb ?

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  1. Hi Everyone!! Was thinking about about purchasing this bag for spring / summer. Do you think it will be a good choice? I currently do not own anything Epi yet :smile: Thanks!!!!
  2. Epi alma bb is awesome. There is this new color, name starts with Q ( don't know the spelling) check it out in person. Remember price increases march 2 :smile:
  3. I am really liking it!!! I was thinking about getting this color myself :smile:
  4. I agree it's a very pretty color!
  5. Yes, I love the colour!
  6. Love this color - I have the pm size with a strap. It makes me buy clothes that will match. Cyan is a wonderful color.
  7. a very pretty color!!! 👍
  8. love it
    have it
    get it
  9. Great color have it ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393260431.633724.jpg
  10. Thanks for the pic! Looks beautiful on you!!!
  11. Thanks for replying!! May i ask... what colors of clothing do you find works best with the cyan? Thats what I am a little worried about. Evan though its a stunning color :graucho:

  12. I wear usually neutral tones and use my bags or shoes as my pop of color
  13. Thank you! Yes, i keep hearing either the 2nd or the 3rd. ;)
  14. Thanks ;)
  15. This is a really pretty color!! I have never seen it in the bb size , just the pochette and nf. I will have to check this out next time I am at LV. If you want this bag...go for it!