thoughts on effie

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  1. hi girls received blenheim today:tdown: as well as no shoulder strap pad which i knew about it has a dodgy popper (it doesn't catch and lock in like it should ) experience from rosemary. so i am returning it tomorrow
    possibly me been over picky i did contact mulberry and it was just going to cost way too much to rectify the problem and although i love blenheim i would end up paying full retail by the time i had finished. i decided to bid ( and won auction) for a used effie in oak instead for my shoulder bag quest

    opinions on the effie please :heart:
  2. effie is a lovely bag! great casual with jeans. Holds a lot and the 2 side pockets are fab for mobiles etc...
  3. I noticed you had one on the photo thread i think i got a good deal, it is used i won auction at £200 i will be sure to post pics on arrival later this week x
    sprayed twice oak colour
  4. Effie is lovely, it's very roomy. Much bigger than a blenheim. I think they look great. It looks fab in oak.
  5. I like the effie a lot!!
  6. thanks girls so far so good really looking forward to getting effie this week xx

    hula just a quick query as i know you have the ledbury too
    i saw one last week, i was going to purchase but one of the handles seem to have a lump in the leather like it had been over filled or something i so wanted to buy it, it was in my colour prefrence too. i was just wondering do you think this would soften up with use and pehaps even itself out. it wasn't that noticable but you could feel it when holding it if you know what i mean. it was the only one in at the time xx
  7. Congrats on the find Bayley! Look forward to seeing the pictures. Regarding your ledbury question (sorry i know you asked Hula but will put my 2 p worth in :shame:smile: - IMO the handles are quite solid but you should be able to manipulate the uneven bit? The handles are comfy to hold BUT do make sure that the uneven bit wont annoy you if you cannot manipulate it out as the ledburys handles are only handheld so you cant swop about etc..
  8. Bayley, Im not sure, its hard to tell without seeing the 'lump'... as rascal said, the handles are quite solid. On my oak one (used more than the choc one) the handles have softened up at the ends, so they flop around more easily, but the actual loops of the handles are still pretty solid.

    As rascal said, do you think you coul perhaps manipulate the lump out?
  9. i went in today the lump is pretty solid i enquired, the staff think it is in the leather so won't budge

    i think i will wait there may be another one in the next delivery you never know

  10. ^^^ Sounds wise!
  11. Effie is a great little bag!!!

    I like mine so much, I took it off ebay and decided to keep it.

    I think I p*ssed a couple of peeps had even bid £300 pounds on mine.
  12. well girls went into york yesterday another ledbury was sitting there (no lump) but it was scratched -not just marked like the leather does this was a real scatch down one side so i left without her .
    :crybaby:saw a lovely keyring with sailor charms hanging from it in silver hardware so asked the lady to get if out of the glass top cabinet so i could buy it, it was priced for £27 but when she rang it through on the till she said it was £48 and i couldn't have it for the price stated in the cabinet because the charms/keyrings had been switched about by staff so i left without the keyring too, i was so disappointed this is the second time i have seen something in a glass cabinet marked at a certain price and not been able to have it because it was ''wrong''in the outlet xx
  13. on a happier note effie has arrived i will post pics later today when i get in from work
    she is soft and slouchy (no serial number) made in turkey no internal pocket, is this right taz?
    do you find the buckles hang down rather than staying in place these look slouchy too ?

    having not had a used bag before would you recommend cleaning it with nourisher before using or just spray with waterstop just to make it my own ?

    i am going to use my vip liner for keeping my stuff tidy xx
  14. Well done on the effie bayley - it is a gorgeous bag! Sorry about the ledbury and the keyring - it is v. annoying when that happens!

    BTW - my effie has a made in turkey tag, no internal pocket, no serial number! :tup:
  15. Is Effie available in black ? It is a really lovely everyday bag. I love the style! How big is it ( in cm :smile:...)?

    I also like the Ida bag. Are they more or less the same size?