Thoughts on Eden Neo? Please Help!

Should I get the Eden Neo?

  • Yes! Get it!

  • No, wait for something else!

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Jan 3, 2009
I was on the waitlist for the Eden Neo in Khaki, and got the call that it came in yesterday. I went to go to the store to see it, and while I really love it, I'm still not sure. It's on hold for me until Thursday night so I can think some more. Should I get it? Here are my thoughts:

- Very unique and lovely style
- It's an LE, so if I wait past Thursday, I might not get the chance to get it again
- Don't really have anything else like it in my collection
- Real stand-out in a crowd
- Don't have any "cross-body" bags

Don't Buy:
- At almost $3,000, it's really expensive, and I could use the money on something else that I know I'm in love with
- Not something I could pull off at work
- Am worried it will join my other LEs on the "wow, how pretty" shelf and won't use it

I currently have:
Mahina XL in Taupe and XXL in Noir
Azur Galliera
Boetie MM
Speedy 30 in Ebene and 40 in Mono (primarily a weekend bag)
Neverfull MM
Trevi GM
Alma Eclipse

Of these, I definitely use the Mahinas the most. I've used my Mancrazy 4 times probably and the Eclipse once. I'm also worried that the Neo might overlap on my Boetie's "dressy but casual" market.

Of course, I still really like it, which is why I'm so torn.

Thanks for the help!!


Nov 18, 2009
If you are unsure; i would wait. Atleast for me, I want my stuff to be so tempting it keeps me up at night waiting for arrival, not debating whether i want it or not....
Jul 3, 2006
I don't ever buy a bag simply because of LE status. They're not really that limited and it's a lot of money to spend just to have the feeling you got something someone else might not be able to get, especially if you don't love it. $3000 is a lot of money. Get something you love because you actually love the bag and will use it. I honestly think the whole LE thing is just a marketing ploy. I have to be honest - sometimes when I see people out and about with an LE bag, especially the ones that aren't pretty - I do wonder if the only reason they bought it is because of the LE thing, and it actually makes me less impressed with the person, rather than more impressed, which is what I imagine they are looking for.

While I do like the NEO, the shape is awkward. Sticks out from the hip A LOT. Unless you are rail thin, it's just going to make you look wider at the part of your body where none of us want to look wider, especially worn cross body. For a cross body bag, I much prefer something like the bloomsbury, or the odeon. Much prettier, and much more flattering to the body. I always look at silhouette when picking a bag. While I'm thin and tiny, I still don't want to have something huge sticking way out from my hip. The neo is big too, and because of the thickness of the bag, is unlikely to soften up a great deal to the point where it won't always stick way out from the hip. Just not attractive IMO. While I like how the bag looks sitting on a shelf, and the details are darling, when I tried it on, and when I've seen others try it on, it's just not pretty on.

My SA said he's had a lot of people pick it up, say it's darling, and then try it on and put it back. Very few sales. I would venture to say most of the sales I think are going to be due to the LE status of the bag, and I'm afraid a lot of these may sit on shelves, in closets, and in dust bags. The Boetie is much prettier.

Go for something you love.
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Ahhhh...I'm falling!
May 7, 2008
It's a nice bag but I don't really think I'd pay $3K for it--even if it is LE. How about the Monogram version for over $2K if you like that style or even the Monogram Noe instead. Personally, I am not keen on the drawstring style bags--I'd rather have a Neo Speedy instead.


Jan 3, 2009
Thanks for the opinions. I fell in love with the bag in the pictures on the website and on here, but I'm just not sure if it's "me". You're absolutely right about the shape, charleston-mom. Thanks for pointing that out. I'd probably never wear it crossbody, and I already have a couple of hand-held bags, so I really don't need another one (and looking at the ones I wear most often, they're almost all shoulder bags).


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Mar 13, 2010
where ever my family is...
i'm actually waiting for the mono to arrive to my house. sooo excited.. i'm on the other side with this bag. i love that it's different.. i love that it may stick out and be noticed...and i love that not to many people will have it... i bought the mono because it's an every day bag.. not sure i would carry the other color that much.. but, if you already have doubts thats your sign...
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Jul 3, 2006
Oh my gosh - don't know if I might be rethinking this one. Did you see the just posted picture of Kate Hudson in the celebrities with LV thread? I don't know now - looks gorgeous on her. Of course, anything would look gorgeous on her. I may have to eat my words on this one.


Apr 25, 2008
I just saw the Kate Hudson pic --- she looks great with the Khaki Neo! I think this bag looks better as a long strap shoulderbag rather than a cross body bag.


Jan 3, 2009
I KNOW! I had just made up my mind not to get it and then saw that and ... ugh. Now I'm totally rethinking (although as someone mentioned, she could make anything look beautiful)!


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Mar 30, 2008
I'm biased - I have this bag and I LOVE IT! :nuts: I thought I was immune to this beautiful bag since I was not impressed by the pictures in the look book and on Naomi Campbell, although the bag looks absolutely gorgeous on her. I love the size, the hardware, the strap and handles, but mostly the color and the shimmer of the Mono - very unique! The bag has feet, a plus for me, and really like the lock on the bag. I had no plans to buy and only went to look at the new bags and left with the Khaki Eden Neo. I don't do cross body, but I can see myself using this cross body if I need to.

You have a nice collection (MANCRAZY! Bag twin, but I've carried mine more than 4 times! :biggrin:) The Eden Neo would be a nice addition only if you are going to use it! My collection is now comprised of bags that I use on the regular so don't get it since it is LE and in high demand. Take your time, think about it and go to the boutique to play with it a little on Thursday to make your decision. GL and let us know what you decide!


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May 11, 2009
It's a beautiful bag (esp on Kate Hudson.. :smile:) but when I tried it on it just looked odd on me.. even hand held!
If you love it but won't use it as much as you think... I'd say get something else!