Thoughts on Damier Saleya PM

  1. OK, so besides my :love: for the YSL Muse, I've been lemming the Damier Saleya PM. I know it's not reallly that big but I think it's kind of a good sturdy bag. Anyone have one and can give me their thoughts? Much appreciated....(I was also thinking I could put my MC Wapity in there once I get one ;) )
  2. I just got the Saleya PM and its very nice bag.
  3. Can you fit over your shoulder with the PM?
  4. Are you able to post pics w/ you carrying it too por favor??
  5. With the PM, I think it can only be hand held.
  6. You could fit over your shoulder if you just wear a shirt. Im not really sure how to post a picture I need to ask my husband to help me.
  7. Ok, that would be great if you can! :smile: I always like to know what it looks like IRL on other people so I can get a better feel, you know? TIA!
  8. Jasanna,

    My friend bought the Saleya PM and I was able to try it on. I could wear it on my shoulder wearing a long sleeve tee and cardigan. I think it might depend on a person's upper arm/shoulder dimensions. It's a lovely bag.
  9. Did it look "old lady'ish" or is it something that looks classic yet "cool?" hahahha!
  10. I think it looks classic and cool. The bag is very cute to me. My friend is in her mid-30s (looks younger) and it's very cool on her. I covet the bag!!! I think it looks great as an everyday bag.
  11. Does it hold a lot of stuff comparted to the Speedy 25/30?
  12. It holds more than a speedy 25 because it's more like a tote. I haven't held a speedy 30 so I'm not sure how that compares. If I owned the Saleya PM, I could see fitting in a book, a magazine, wallet, coach wristlet, sunglasses, keys, cell, etc. I thought it looked pretty roomy compared to the everyday bags I currently carry.
  13. Great thanks for all the answers! Sorry to bug ya! :smile: Was it heavy at all or could you see it being heavy w/ stuff inside? I'll try it on in person but can't make it up there for another week or so.
  14. I didn't get to carry it with anything inside (since it was my friend's new bag) but it didn't seem like it would be heavy to me once it was filled. However, I consider "heavy" to be like Marc Jacobs bags, etc with nothing in them. Happy to give any info I can.
  15. I have the speedy 30 also and I think the Saleya PM could hold much as the Speedy 30.