thoughts on constance

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  1. Hi ladies and gents. I am new to this thread, usually hanging out on the LV thread. Although I would dearly love a Kelly or Birkin, I don't think it's in the budget in the near future.... but a chance has come up for me to get a pre-lvoed Constance from a local seller. I like that it is a shoulder bag, plus with the big H logo, it fits my maiden name which began with H, and would be a lovely gift to pass on in the future to my brother's daughter, my DN! But as I am new to H, can you tell me your thoughts on whether the Constance is a classic bag i should go for? :thinking:
  2. Absolutely. I think the Constance is definitely a classic and you should go for it. They are beautiful bags.

    And if you get it, make sure you do a reveal!
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    The Constance is one of the iconic H bags - it has been in constant creation since at least the 50s, and i think was originally designed much earlier. It was named after the daughter of an H executive. It is the best evening bag H makes, IMO, and is fabulous for transitioning from day to night.
    Although Jackie Kennedy is best known for her Trim, she had and carried through the decades several Constance bags.

    If that isn't enabling enough, check out these threads:
  4. wow, those were great threads..... the bag i am viewing next week is in the classic orange colour.... i don't know if i need any enabling as once i saw her i could not get her out of my head......
  5. Teagirl, may I suggest that before you commit to this purse, you take a look at the Authenticate thread, take all the pictures required, then post it for authentication? Better safe than sorry.
  6. yes cavalier, most definitely. i have asked the seller for more up close detailed pics. thanks for the advice
  7. go for it constance was as the kelly and the birkin the bag of its time it is an hermes classic and to hermes as important as the birkin and the kelly because of the complexity of its components try it you will see what the people will say if you wear it in to an hermes boutique it is also important to say that the constance has inspired a bunch of hermes classics like the constance belt the heure H watch in the end the constance is a classic and a divine piece to any fashionistas collection so go for it !!!!!!