Thoughts on Cole Haan Slim N/S Satchel?

  1. Hi, curious what you think of this bag and if any of you currently own it. I feel it would be great day/office bag. I love the Cranberry color; this looks gorgeous in the store. Thank you.

    Slim N/S Satchel/Aerin Collection:

  2. I think it's very pretty, though if you go to the ebags site, the model (granted the mannequin is tiny) makes the bag look huge! If you are a fan of the big bag, I think this is a very polished looking bag...
  3. It is cute...I love big bags so I might be a bit biast!

    If you like it then go for it!

    good luck!
  4. Looks very functional and easy to carry but a little too stiff/structured for me....I do love the color though.
  5. I like the shape and color, but the bag looks huge.
  6. It's very cute, I love the extra pockets. But I looks a little big.