Thoughts on Chanel small Classic Flap as first bag?

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  1. Thinking of buying the Chanel small Classic Flap that’s available at my local store (black caviar leather with silver hardware) as my first everyday Chanel bag. A solid choice or should I look into another Chanel bag?
  2. Since u mentioned as an “everyday” bag... it might disappoint in terms of capacity. It’s really small. I prefer the mini over the small, as at least I can sling it and run my errands freely :smile: .

    The small is so elegant for dinner dates though :heart:
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  3. I bought my first Chanel 5 years ago -mini flap .I love her to death would not think of selling her & ventured on to other bags like the boy& just purchased a coco handle BUT she was still my perfect first bag.She definitely is my goes day -night ..but i think a small is a perfect first time bag.
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  4. I own a small Chanel classic flap and I love it. I don’t use it everyday because I need to carry a lot more than the small flap can fit for work. (Eg umbrella, water bottle etc.) I love to use it on weekends though!

    There’s a thread on the small classic flap that has some pictures on what the small flap fits. You might want to take a look to see if the capacity is sufficient for you to make it your everyday bag. :smile:

    I do think caviar leather and SHW is a good choice though!
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  5. Look into the medium's slightly bigger but still small enough to be a carefree every day bag. In my opinion, the small might be too restricting for you as an everyday bag unless all you really carry are your keys and phone.
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  6. It fits a full size wallet, o mini case, o key holder, sunglasses with soft case, phone it length of the medium to small is 9.3 to 10 inch and depth is similarly close so it fits the same contents as when i had my medium .
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  7. Thanks so much! I bought the bag x

    It's the perfect size for me, I get tired out fast with a bag that's any heavier than this one. The medium was pushing it for me in terms of weight and overall size for an everyday bag.

    Also I agree guys it's the perfect dinner date bag :heart:
  8. Congrats! I hope you enjoy it!
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  9. Pics please! This bag is my HG and I swoon every time I see it! Also, are you located in the us?
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  10. Congrats!! I’m sure it’s a bag you’ll love forever [emoji177]
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