Thoughts on Chanel Skincare?

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  1. Hi, all! Has anyone tried Chanel skincare products before? My skin type is pretty basic. Occasionally, I do break out, so that would be my only concern. (However, I wouldn't even call it "acne", just occasional pimples when I drink too much Diet Coke. I don't want any anti acne products if they're going to be very drying.) Other than that, my skin is pretty normal, no real concerns, except I do want to slowly incorporate some things that might fight anti aging. I do have bad dark under eye circles, that is a concern. Other than that, my skin is pretty normal. However, I'm finally ready to invest in some luxury skincare products. I'd prefer products that I don't have to order over the Internet. (La Mer is just a little too costly for me, and I don't have access to La Mer anywhere around me, it'd be an inconvenience to order it online all the time. Plus you'd be surprised at the gentle cleansers and basic things that Chanel carries, that really don't cost that much. I'm willing to splurge on a 200 dollar cream where needed, but to go basic where I don't need it.)

    The things that I have access to in person are: a Chanel skincare/makeup counter, a Lancôme skincare/makeup counter (although I worked at Lancôme cosmetic counter before and am really not happy with any of their skincare products, for my specific needs.), an Ulta, and a Sephora. However, the Sephora's are very tiny and often don't carry the bigger brands that you'd see in huge malls. Thanks so much, guys! Just want to know your opinion on Chanel skincare, or if their products didn't really work so much for you guys! :smile:
  2. I swear by Chanel's eye makeup remover--pricey for sure, but it works. I use Chanel mascara so maybe this is why it works so well. I don't use any of their skin care stuff, but use some of their makeup. Sorry this is all I have.
  3. I love their Sublimage cleanser. I couldn't live without it. Nothing else has really wowed me from their line.
  4. love Chanel skincare and makeup -- it's the only brand I have used/worn for many years
  5. I love Chanel skin products. I wear the Le Jour, Le Nuit and Le Weekend. It is basic skin care regime. I love it because it is non oily and easy to follow. For the area around my eyes I use Le Lift Eye serum.
  6. Wooo I love Chanel products.. I love their eye creams!!
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  7. Chanel are good products with lovely packaging but waaaaay overpriced. They do bank on their name and test on animals, so that's a big NO NO for me. I look for products here: plenty of great, well priced cosmetics. Why go for cruelty?
  8. Chanel and other "make up" brands sell over priced, ineffective but very pretty products. Instead of buying from these brands why not try a dermatologist brand - they are not there to provide pretty packaging and scents but the products can often be cheaper and they work at far deeper levels to produce often fantastic results. When using serious skincare the one thing you must be aware of is that SPF is your best friend at all times!
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  9. Ohhh I am considering adding the Le Jour, Le Nuit and La Weekend into my skincare regime... Do you mind sharing more on your thoughts on those products (like anything, good, bad, etc. I have read plenty of reviews but they all go on about what they do, I already know that... like a regular users perspective)... Do they really 'resynchronise' your skin? I sure as hell know I need it! How long does each bottle last approx.? Usually I like my skincare products to last around a year or so considering the amount of money I spend on skincare, I want those products to last! I have gotten generous samples of Le Jour and La Weekend, but the counter I go to had ran out of the La Nuit sample because of their abundance of the No. 5 samples so I am waiting on the La Nuit sample to use them all together as recommended. TIA!
  10. Hi! sorry I read this until today. I still use the three of them. I love the texture of Le Jour because it is non oily, and also love Le nuit because I find it very comforting and soothing at night. Le weekend I dont like the smell, but I think it exfoliates gently during the weekend. Usually a bottle of each lasts me about 9 months. I think is a good investment. I have also added Le Blanc serum. I put it before Le Jour and Le nuit. But Le weekend I put it alone.
    You should try it. I think they work. :smile:
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  11. It's ok for the late reply, I still haven't purchased them yet! I was trying to find as much dirt as possible on them and see all those bad reviews hiding in the corners of the internet. I am glad to hear that you love all three of them and that they last for about 3/4 of a year. Thats a good sign of the longevity of the product :smile: I have used the Le Blanc serum for maybe three weeks now day and night and so far I have seen a bit of improvement on my blemished skin (acne scars) - however I do layer on my products so I am not sure how well it is on it's own, though. Good luck with the serum! And I will definitely be purchasing the full sized version soon! Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it!
  12. My sisters both use and adore Chanel skincare- they prefer the Hydra Beauty range (both are in their early 20s). They have differing skin types (dry vs. oily/acne prone), so between them they have the whole range pretty well covered. Neither of them have reacted to any of the products.
    I personally had issues with the moisturisers- they have a high percentage of alcohol and it reacted with my skin (dry skin, 26yrs old, rarely break out). I broke out while using them. In saying that, I have used the Gommage Microperle Eclat (exfoliating facial scrub) for years and I love it, very gentle but thorough and my skin always looks brighter after using it (2-3x a week).
  13. I used Chanel skincare years ago, but IMO the products were average and not worth the price tag. Since switching to Sulwhasoo (Korean brand), I haven't looked back.
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  14. My mom loves and swears by Chanel's sublimage range.
  15. Hey girls, anyone has experience with Chanel Hydra beauty line? I have normal to combination skin, not sure how my skin would react.