Thoughts on Chanel Ritz bag

  1. Just wondering what you guys think of the Ritz bag. It has 3 compartments. I ordered it Dark Brown...should arrive in a few days. Should I have gone with the black? I was told by the SA that is was part of the new collection. Anyone know if that's true? Only reason I am asking is because I found a post dated back to Oct. 2006.
  2. The dark brown is new, I think. I have a black patent Ritz, and I've seen a grey and blue (lambskin?) also. She probably meant the color.
  3. That's right!! Also it came in two sizes in the patent. I have the smaller size and love it!!
  4. The ritz is gorgeous. I haven't purchased one yet, but its one I have been eyeing. I haven't seen the dark brown yet, but I just can imagine how beautiful it is. I have an older Chanel dark brown patent purse, and the color is very pretty, and I bet the ritz will totally outshine it.
  5. I've got the grey, and love it very much.
  6. what's look like?
  7. i love the RITZ. i saw the navy IRL and it was soooo beautiful.
  8. After a bit of research...I think the SA meant the color was new for the resort collection. I will definite post pics when it comes in. Very excited!
  9. actually, i think the dk brown came out the same time as the black and the navy. the reason i know what that i bought mine in the larger size in navy back in november i think, and the smaller sizes my boutique had available were in black and brown distressed leather. i didn't go with the smaller size, b/c i have too many black and brown bags. i've seen all three, i like all with the distressed leather.
  10. I have the large black patent ritz and I really love it.
  11. I just got my large black patent a few days ago and LOOOOOOVE it! Haven't seen the brown but i'm sure it too is gorgeous
  12. I love the ritz bag, I have been dying to get one!!! It is sooo hot, maybe for my next bag....haha
  13. LOVE the Ritz!
    It is a new{er} collection.
  14. oh i can't wait to see your ritz, awbrat! it is one of my favourite chanel bags!
  15. i love the ritz! i drool everytime someone post pics of their new ritz here!!