Thoughts on Chanel key holder

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  1. E70FC705-9463-40C2-A0F6-20468874627B.jpeg I am thinking of getting a key holder to protect the inside of my bags and my SLGs, but I have never had anything more than a keychain for my keys thus far, so I am looking to all of you for your thoughts and advice. I have a larger car key that I need to put in the car to start it (so not keyless), small key fob that I need to use to arm/disarm my car alarm, and 2 house keys that I need to get into and out of my house on a daily basis. I see the benefit of a key holder if you don’t really need to use your keys every day, but for those of you that need to pull out keys every day, do you still find a snap key holder helpful, or is it more annoying or more work to snap/unsnap the holder every time? Also, if you put your car key in the car to start it, do you just leave your key holder dangling from the ignition, or do you detach it from the key holder? Any thoughts and/or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Photo from Fashionphile, not mine.
  2. Your car keys will fit on the valet circle ring at the bottom which is there to quickly hand the key to a valet when you want your car parked. I have this exact key holder and I love it. I got mine in cobalt blue with light gold hardware and I keep my house keys inside and the car key at the bottom! Therefore since you don’t have a keyless go, you can just snap off your key easily whenever you need it!
  3. Helpful to know. Thank you!
  4. My key ring holder is LV but maybe my input will be somewhat helpful in helping you decide. I have a six key ring holder for my two different house keys, two mailbox keys, and one key to my bedroom closet which we keep locked when our cleaning ladies come over to clean our house. This leaves one extra space for keys. I have tried attaching my car fob and it does fit! However, my husband saw and was concerned because the other keys will definitely scratch up the fob so I ended up removing the fob and keep it separately in my bag. You might not care so much about the fob getting scratched, in which case you could definitely attach it to your key holder. We might just be overly cautious with our brand new car/fob, lol!
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  5. Thank you for your input! So do you find that it’s not too much trouble having to open the key holder to use your house keys each time? I ended up ordering one, so hopefully it’ll work for me.