Thoughts on chanel and her life and film

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  1. So i just watched a film on her, its called coco chanel and learnt that coco was not her real name, in fact her real name was gabreil. Also how she grow up which was sad. Her mother died and then she was left at a childrens home by her father:sad:. And how she worked ever so hard to get into the postion and build her name up. She never married either :sad:. It would of been wonderful if she had children! She had two lovers atiyan and boy. And a sister. I wonder what happened and what path her sister took. I was so touched by her life and she is so inspireing! I really im lost for words about her life and her reputation and how she still is so successful today! And who is running and in charge of the company now? And the designer?

    What are your thought? :smile: x
  2. Actually, she had more than 2 lovers. :smile: Not all at the same time, though. Right now, the company is under the family that's fought with her over the right to own No.5. I just can't remember the name. They worked it out at the end. The family paid all her bills, accommodation, businesses, everything, and after she died, the family get the House of Chanel. It's now one of the very few privately own big-name fashion house. Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer. I believe he has many on staff though. ;) HTH. :smile:
  3. I think things would've turn out differently if she ever had a child. Her life's been controversial and in constant fighting a lot. She's named " Coco" coz the song she sang a lot when she was a singer in the club before she met her first lover, the one whom introduce her to Boy. There're quite a lot of her biography in the market. Not every book are written the same though. She's also been quoted differently for many times in her life. I think that's the allure of being mystery. ;)
  4. Read Justine Picardies biography it's the most 'correct' of the ones out there.

    Chanel ha a tough beginning but she was very modern in her way of being able to manipulate men and women to get what she wanted. Karl Lagerfelds Chanel is somewhat different to what her vision was.
  5. the wertheimer family owns chanel to this day.
    agree that coco had a tough start in life and its incredible how she was able to build an empire. for all the controversy that surrounds her, she was an incredible talent.
  6. I try not to think about her history too much. Her Nazi affiliations turn me off a little too much!
  7. Slightly off topic: I may have met a Mr. Werthheimer in my travels.

    This grand, magnificent gentleman initiated a conversation with me while we were waiting for our respective trains on the floor of the Grand Central Station in NYC. He chatted a good bit (I mostly nodded and listened) and he said he'd been to Vienna about half a dozen times already that year. I'm thinking.... mmm... Vienna, Virginia. ok.

    He leaves for his train, and the clerk who ran the booth asked me if I knew who I was talking to. No, I didn't, except this fellow seemed to travel quite a bit. The clerk then told me, Well, he is the head honcho at Chanel. :faint:

    ok, so I nearly died. what was I thinking, Vienna, Virginia???? If I'd only known or asked the right questions I might be working for Chanel today who knows LOL

    BTW, there is this new Chanel book out called Intimate Chanel, written by one of Chanel's grand nieces (I think). I looked through it and it was really quite lovely, a work of love. Not about the company, more intimate personal tokens and reminiscences of a fashionable and artistic woman.