Thoughts on Cerises??

  1. Cerises it too young looking?

    I recently re-bought my cerises speedy and I was using it this weekend and a friend of mine stated that it was too young looking?? What do you all think?? I've been so busy making wedding and paint color. decpr (finishing our condo) that I've lost all since of my strong "I know exactly what I want: self? Argh..I'm doubting my re-purchase (also some of this is guilt that I spent 1K on a bag when I could have used the $ towards the above mentioned events!).
  2. I don't think it's too young it's a great bag
  3. IMO I don't think any lines have an "age limit"--I sometimes feel too old to carry certain bags-like MC-and I'm 25. It's all about personal preference. I like some pieces of the Cerises line like the pochette, only because it doesn't have cherries all over it--the speedy is just a little too busy for me.
  4. Whichever bag you use, there bound to have people who loves it and hate it. So who cares? Just enjoy your bag..! I love cerises speedy..! :love: Use it when you are feeling young at heart, it's such a cheerful and fun-looking bag! ;)
  5. i think maybe suhali could not be pulled off by a teenager..
    or epi...
    but other than those, there is no age limit on lv.
    cerises IS a youthful pattern, but not too young. anybody can pull it off.
  6. I've never been a fan of the Cerises, although I got in the hype when they came out years ago. I do think it's young-looking and slightly naive-looking. I understand how Marc Jacobs wanted to play with the traditional monogram canvas, but it's too much. I've only seen the bag on children and preteens. If you want something fun without overdoing it, I would go for the chain pochette or musette. They're only about 2k each, and they'll keep their value. By the way, where did you get your Cerises bag?
  7. I know exactly what you are asking. I recently sold mine. It wasn't because it was too young looking, it was just because I am getting older and the bag just isn't fitting my lifestyle anymore. I'm in school and becoming a doctor, and carrying around a bag with cherries all over it doesn't fit in my wardrobe anymore. I dress more professionally and I have found other bags that go with my wardrobe much better. The Cerises speedy was just sitting in my closet. I kept thinking that I'd use it on a day that I could go casual, but I just never did. I decided to sell it to someone who will get much more use out of it.

    Edited to add- If it is one of those bags that you love, I see nothing wrong with keeping it. I bought a gold mirior speedy, and I'd never bring it to work, but I find other times to use it. :smile:
  8. i dont think it is to young.
  9. I love mom doesn't use any of the bags, I do, but she uses a Cles to hold her CCs.
  10. My aunt is 56 and she loves using her speedy cerises. I don't think you have to be certain age to use that bag.
  11. I've asked myself the same question (I'm almost 29), I really really want a cerises speedy but I feel like people are staring at me when I carry my MC speedy, i can only imagine the looks i'll get with a bag with cherries all over it. It is so cute though!
  12. The Cerises line is sooo cute! It can be worn by any age, IMO.
  13. ITA!!
  14. I love that bag and would love to own it ...and I am 37!!! It's colorful and fun and youthful but not meant to only be worn by the young!
  15. Not too young at all. Perhaps a jealous friends ?