Thoughts on Cabas Mary Kate?

  1. I am really liking this....any thoughts?

  2. I'm not too sure about the color, but otherwise it's a great bag! Little too big for me, though.
  3. i like it for a spring/summer bag. i'm stuck with seasonal bag issues- sorry!
  4. Not something I would buy but it's cute.
  5. No offense, but I find it kind of boring...just my thought though...
  6. I think it's pretty and functional. The size is good too! :smile:
  7. Big fan of the discontinued monogram mini especially the tst colors... Not a big fan of the Cabas Mary Kate... It was very dull when I tried it on way back when? I forgot already:s
  8. I think it's cute. I like the other color that e-luxury has on their site. I just wish it had different handles. I think those would look worn and dirty real fast.
  9. I love the black and white one! =)
  10. I love the bag - I would just get a different color.
  11. No offense taken ;)

    I am looking for something a little more plain for my mini speedy to hang on...probably should have said that to start.
  12. i had that bag. i loved the look of it, but it was very big and annoying to get in and out of. i think it makes a better travel or work bag (for carrying files, pape, etc.), but a little cumbersome as an everyday bag.
  13. i'd love it in the pink mary kate ttones better :P
  14. I actually LOVE this bag. I was going to get it as a diaper bag when my son was born. I still love it, especially in that color.