Thoughts on buying from SSENSE?

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  1. I have been trying to find the small taupe velvet Gucci Marmont but it is no longer on the regular Gucci website. I found it on ssense but have never purchased a luxury item from somewhere other than the original stores. What are your thoughts? How do you know that what you are purchasing is authentic? Thanks for your help!
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  2. SSense is really good, and they sell authentic merchandise. They ship out very quickly, too.
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  3. Seconded. Everything's authentic, ships very quick, and their customer service is extremely responsive. I've shopped with them for years.
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  4. Honestly I can’t fault their service due to quick turn around and their ability to solve issues when they crop up.

    I ordered a denim jacket which arrived with faulty button stitching and they shipped out a replacement within 24h.

    Even when it isn’t their fault they try to make things right like when I ordered a pair of shoes that is supposed to only come with a single dust bag; they made things right by shipping out an additional one in a timely manner.
  5. I ordered and returned a bag with no issues. I would use them again.
  6. Thank you all for the feedback so far! Do you know how they get their inventory?
  7. They are authorized retailers of the brands they carry, meaning that they are wholesale customers of brands like Gucci and Fendi.
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  8. I had positive experience with Ssense.
  9. Has anyone ordered YSL from ssense? I was very disappointed with their packaging!
  10. Highly recommended. They sell authentic and shipping is super fast. I have bought items there Several times and no issues
  11. I just bought a bag from ssense an it was wrapped neatly! However it doesn’t come with a box but I already have so many boxes so it’s not a big deal!
  12. I’ve noticed that most of their bags are shipped in their dust bags without boxes, which is weird considering I bought a cap and it came in a huge lanvin box.
  13. Highly recommended. Their customer service is amazing. All items are authentic and super fast shipping. They send out private sale links too for loyal customers. This year I got Gucci pieces for 40 and 30 percent off.