Thoughts on buying a bag you know you won't use much

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  1. I am thinking about getting Eva or the vernis cosmetics pouch to use as a clutch. I love these little bags and need something for somewhat more formal evenings out.

    My hesitation is that they won't be used a ton. My lifestyle is not one where I go out and have need for a clutch that often. Maybe 10 times a year at most? I just have a bit more casual lifestyle.

    I think I'll feel sad to leave such a pretty little item in the drawer so much without using it a lot.

    I wouldn't use it on a daily basis for an accessories pouch because I already have the pochette accessories for this. Then I considered using that as a little clutch, but would like something a bit dressier than that.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Or am I crazy to worry about not using it a ton and should just get it?
  2. I have exact same dilemma. I'm dying for a Vernis Alma, but with my casual lifestyle, I know I will use it seldomly, and with a $2080 price tag, i have a lot to think about!!! But on the other hand, I think you dont want to use this kind of bag often (like your clutch, also), then it feels much more special everytime you take it out to play :tup:
  3. Spinky, many of my smaller bags only get used about 10 times a year. I think that is normal.
  4. ^^I agree. I only use my keepall 2-3x/year and my Sirius about 2x/year.
  5. I use my eva inside my bag. Initially, I thought I won't use it much but I have been using it often. Sometimes, I just take my eva out from my bigger bag and use it as a lunch bag :biggrin:.

  6. i was looking at your collection and you dont have a small LV clutch type item, so im going to try to enable.....

  7. I think you would have more use for the Eva as you can use the long strap and wear is across the body. I think the Eva is one of the best buys. I would like to own this stunning baby one day.
  8. I would go with the Eva. I think you would use it more than you think! The long strap that is worn across your body is great to use if you're going out shopping!
  9. I agree; the Eva is a GREAT buy.

    It's truly versatile for casual & chic...
    You can wear it across the body for shopping, and during an event, take off the strap, rechain the chain, and voila: chic clutch.

    I love my Eva.
    It's worth investing in. ^^
  10. I'd buy it! Like LVKeepallFan stated, I have a Keepall 50 and it gets used for about 1.5 months out of the year. (3 or 4 Weekend Trips and is used when we go to europe for a month.) Even though I don't use it alot, I still love it and am glad I got it! :smile:
  11. I really think that you would get much more use out of the Eva then you realize. Plus you can utilize the bag for years to come...go for it!

    Worse case, you can always throw makeup in it and keep it in your purse for on the go use.
  12. I know exactly what you mean!! But I just bought one of the new larger sized cosmetics pouches in Amarante (the MM size) and wow(!) do I love it! I probably will only use it at the casino or on vacation, but I so adore it.
    Eva is also a bag I want, but I bought the now retired Partition and use it when I need a small mono bag. I can't justify having 2 small mono's, maybe I'll just sell the Partition in the future and get the Eva, it is much more sophisticated than the clunky Partition!
  13. GO FOR IT!!! It is the same for me. I have a few things I don't use that often but I still love them... I really want the new pink pop cosmetic case and I am not sure how much use I will get from it.
  14. Being that I am a total impulse buyer I recently got the rose pop cosmetic case and althought I doubt I will use it often I couldn't resist because I fell in love with the colour. Not that I am trying to enable you LOL.

    Definately get a bag you will use and either of them are a great choice as you can carry them with you during the day in a larger bag and pull out if you need something smaller to grab lunch or a coffee...
  15. l just got a larger pomme cosmetic's pouch......l will use as a clutch.....l also would like the eva, because you have both chain, leather straps..go for will love it :smile: