Thoughts on Bleecker Leather Mini Wallet?

  1. Hi! i am in dire need of a smaller wallet for a couple of purses. I have a large LV wallet and in my Chanel PST and Coach Ergo (I think that is it....slouchy w/ a big gold clasp) it is way too big. Anyway saw this one on the website. Trying to decide whether to drop this as a Valentine's hint to the hubby. Thanks!!
  2. Hey! I was looking at this wallet the other day in coach and I think it is a very good choice if you are looking for a small wallet. Really it depends on how many cards you carry with you as I find it is a bit difficult to squeeze in 2 cards to a single holder, so youre limited to 6 cards. Other than that the wallet is great.
  3. a mini skinny might b as practical for a lot less $
  4. I have one in leather/sig and I LOVE it. It forced me to cut down the number of cards I carry (which I think is a good thing). I have 6 cards in the slots and then a couple of the thinner kind of cards (like Blockbuster) under one side of the card slots and another credit card that I only use for emergencies under the other card slot pocket. You could always put another couple of cards in the change pocket (I don't put change in mine). The next step larger (clutch) is another good choice if you want a little larger. I might get one of these sometime.
  5. But a mini skinny holds A LOT less. Depends on your needs...
  6. I have a mini-skinny. I need something a little bigger. I'm going to head to the store to ck it out!
  7. Let us know what you do! I love mine (but to be fair, I am not a bigger wallet person so I love how compact it is).
  8. I've always had a big wallet. I just have two purses that are way too small for my big wallets. I switch them out a lot so hopefully I won't be lazy about switching wallets too! I'm torn b/w the yellow and the green.
  9. I have the mini wallet in leather, black/magenta. I love it! It only holds 6 cards but has a lot of little pockets you can put more cards in if you need to. All I carry is my debit card, Mastercard, license, and gas card, so it's perfect for me!