Thoughts on Ben Sherman Barrel Bag?

Dec 20, 2011
I noticed that Ben Sherman products come up a lot for sale on Gilt and today they included their "iconic barrel bag". I already have a gorgeous leather weekender bag (Aspinal of London) but rarely use it in fear of scratching it up (silly of me, i know, since it is a "travel bag" after all!). So I've been on the lookout for another weekender that's stylish yet affordable, something under $150-200 that is also durable and I wouldn't feel bad about actually subjecting it to all the rough-and-tumbles of transit. So when I saw the Ben Sherman "iconic" barrel bag, I thought it was a pretty decent fit (and it was on sale for $59, retails for $109). But I'm not too familiar with the brand - other than knowing it's geared towards men - so I was wondering if anyone has bought their products in the past and if so, how do they stand up? Is Ben Sherman sort of on par with Jack Spade in terms of popularity and label status? Like, if you saw someone carrying one, what would you think of them? (positive/negative?) It's being sold at Urban Outfitters so does that mean it's qualified as hipster-ish? (but as in a good or bad way? sometimes I think UO pushes their hipster image to a point where it becomes "roll-your-eyes"-ish.)



Sep 7, 2012
What is this bag made of? If it's made of leather (which I doubt), I'd say go for it.

Ben Sherman is a brand that's mostly known for classic mod look, mostly I see rockabilly types wearing it.


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Jul 31, 2009
Newcastle upon Tyne
Ben Sherman is well known in the UK, it's really just a slightly higher priced high street store but has outlet shops in many discount malls. They do have mainly menswear in their stores and clothes are mainly very casual with the odd suit thrown in for men, I haven't seen any workwear for women in their stores. Bags are always casual and generally quite sturdy, its popular with students and 20s males. It used to have a bit of a 'chav' reputation but this is disappearing and the negative aspect of the label is going too