Thoughts on Bastille?


Jan 17, 2007
I'm thinking of getting my DH a damier bastille for his laptop. Can someone share with me pros and cons of this bag? Is it a good work bag? I can't find it on eluxury and am confused about the shoulder strap - don't know if it's supposed to be fabric or leather. I think he would prefer the fabric shoulder strap so does that mean I have to hunt down an older model? Thanks for your input!

Deleted member 20806

I had a Bastille and I loved it! It's a great bag and you should get it for him! It'll definitely fit his laptop and the newer model actually has the fabric strap.

Pros - It's awesome, looks nice, fits laptop + a couple other things, and I love how there's a pocket on the back. It's really practical.

Cons - the flap is a little annoying since it's so long and the band closure isn't my favorite. My bastille had an annoying crease on the flap because it had fallen off my bed and got lodged agains my wall for the whole day. So just don't do that lol!

Hope this helped :smile:


Jan 7, 2007
Bastille will be perfect for man :tup: my bf collect Bastile, Abbesses, Geant ( sorry forget the name ), Taiga Viktor and any LV messangers in such that style. You won't wrong with Bastille. It's chic but not too "formal" like Damier Sabana.