Thoughts on bags with obvious prints on, and what you class as a 'gaudy' bag?

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  1. I've always had this thing about the Louis Vuitton prints (e.g. damier) on bags. I know it's on a large portion (if not the majority) of LV bags, but I've thought it to be slightly gaudy, in the sense that it's effectively boasting about which designer it's come from.

    Don't get me wrong, I do think it can work, but don't you think for the most part, bags with subtle branding/trademarking (or completely without it!) are classier/more elegant?

    The bags featured in the SS12 campaign and the show were absolutely FABULOUS in my opinion

    (I don't mean to offend anyone; it's just my opinion :smile:

    What are your thoughts?
  2. LV is great for this reason. There is a line for pretty much everyone. I love monogram but also have epi because I want to appropriately use my bag depending on the event. I also have DE and thought I would never like DA, but I'm wanting a speedy DA right now. In fact, I'm kind of wanting a whole lot of LV right now. Haha.
  3. I generally prefer runway bags to classics. I am more for trend than classics.
  4. I don't think so. Sorry that might sound blunt but thats the answer comes from the bottom of my heart. Below I have attached two bags, which look classy, and classier than some other handbags.

    If lv's checked or monogram is leaning to towards showing the brand name, then I will assume that :
    - Burberry is showing off their lines piling onto each other
    - celine is showing of wings
    - balenciaga is showing off their humongous studs
    - Chloe is showing off the protruding lines
    - bottega showing off their intertwined leather
    - Chanel is showing off the CC , and Gucci showing off GG
    - McQueen show off skulls everywhere they can lay on. Scarves, bags, clutches, jewellery

    I mean, purse addict will know each of this bag Originated from which designer.

    They are the brand's hallmark, every famous / popular brand has a hallmark. And within that brand (lv, chanel, bv, gucci, balenciaga, chloe, burberry) will have some lines that provide non hallmark items because there is obviously a group of people loves non-hallmark looking bag.

    If you think It is classier to have no logo or subtle branding , well then there is epi lines there for you, but none of the brand will only target one group of people, because they want all of our money :biggrin: lv has subtle to obvious logo bag. Monogram, damier, idylle, multicoloured, mahina, empriente, vernis, epi, suhali, and so on .... We can choose the visibility of logo gradient on full spectrum u see.

    However, do you think these bags still pretty without the hallmark listed above ?
    image-2800690565.jpg image-4237533148.jpg
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    Very intelligent post! ITA!!
  6. Why does it seem there are several threads with this same type of content just worded differently?

    Bottom line, if you think LV is gaudy then don't buy them.

    BTW, good post TheMrsKwok!

  7. Aww , thank you :biggrin:
  8. To be honest, I think it's just a matter of personal opinion, as I do agree with the points about Burberry (the nova check), Gucci (in most cases), and even Chanel to an extent (huge interlocking C's). I think Burberry is the perfect example of over-commercialising, as within a relatively short period of time it completely lost it's exclusivity and chavs from all over the place were wearing it's nova print on their heads.

    But as I may have already mentioned, for a brand to survive it needs to commercialise, as the majority of their profit comes from the well-known products, so we couldn't buy the show collection if it wasn't for the mass-market stuff.

    Again, I DON'T mean to offend anyone! I was simply stating my opinion and asking for feedback! :smile:
  9. Apologies if this thread has been made before, I didn't check.
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    I get what you're saying.

    And to answer your question.

    For the most part, Yes.
  11. Come to the LV forum and take a pot shot at pattern, but noooooooo offense meant. Totally.

    By all means, wander over to the Hermes forum and take issue with their key features: say that handmade bags are kind of elitist, but no offense intended. And how about Burberry folks, to suggest that plaid seems a little too horizontal and vertical, not that you hate those directions. And Balenciaga, that biker style is just so leathery...etc etc. Nobody will take any offense whatsoever.

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    Hard to say... why epi? why not something like suhali? what bag are we talking about?

    i would think a good rule of thumb; if it blends and doesn't stick out like a sore-thumb, its classy.

    Depends on the style/design of the bag.

    Taking OP's attached picture in the post #1

    i think what the model is wearing (including the bag) is classy. I think the bag is too simple without the monogram. the monogram could be replace with the same flower pattern like in the model's clothing, but in this case probably the monogram works better.

    i'm not sure if the setting is classy though... something is not quite right... but not too bad.
  13. Haha, I see your point. It's not that I don't like it, I just think it's over-commercialised in the sense that it's very popular...
  14. OP, Just curious; why post only LV? is it because you think LV is the only violator? or is it because you just want opinion because you are more interested in LV?

    do you have negative stigma associated with the brand/logo/pattern? only in LV?

    speaking of "gaudy", there is another one... oversized logo... though not LV specific in this case... since we are going off-topic, might as well mention it.
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