Thoughts on Aubergine Chloe?

  1. I have an opportunity to by an Aubergine Pocket Paddy. I think the colour is absolutely TDF!!!!!! So Gorgeous. But I'm wondering how versatile the colour is? I dont wear a lot of brown. Mostly black, grey, white (I know....boring!) And I wear a bit more colour in the summer.

    For those who have the versatile is the colour for you?
  2. Hi SpecialK -- I don't have the Aubergine, but I'm lusting for it. NAP had a sale on it, and I missed out. However, I think it really makes your black and brown outfits stand out! I'd go for. NOW. It's gorgeous.
  3. I have it in python, which looks a little different, but I love it. It looks great with black, navy, gray.
  4. I love it as a colour
  5. agreed, its a great colour, a lovely fresh alternative to black or brown, but dark enough in shade to not have to worry about it clashing with colours that you are wearing.

    If you have the chance of getting one, at a good price, I would say a resounding yes :biggrin:
  6. I have the medium satchel Paddy in aubergine and I wear it with everything and consider it a neutral. The color just seems to shift to work with whatever you have on. It goes with black wonderfully and I don't think I'd normally wear a brown bag with black otherwise. I can't wait for spring/summer to try it with some of my lighter colors, as well. Definently recommend this color!:love:
  7. Someone posted in the Deals section about Chloe Bahrain. Some of the recent photos show an aubergine leather Silverado bag and a smaller python Betty, which they call lilac, but is Aubergine. They are potential great deals.
  8. I also have the medium satchel in the aubergine... and I gotta say that the colour is stunning... to this days it amazes me.... The other night I was standing outside at dusk and the colour of it turned into the most amazing dark bronze colour.... in the morning in the car it looks like a metallic plum and currently in fluro office lights it looks like a gunmetal grey.

    Also whatever colour you chose to wear with it tends to exentuate either the black, brown, silver, or purple tone in the bag... very versitile
  9. I'm not familiar with the names of the different styles of Chloe bags besides the Paddington, but the one I have on hold looks like a Paddington but a bit bigger and with a front pocket (would love to know the official style name). It's on hold for me and is $2000 Cnd. I know prices here are a bit higher than in the US even after the exchange but is that a reasonable price for this bag in the aubergine?

    The more I hear about, the more I have to go back and get this bag!!
  10. I have the aubergine paddy, my only medium paddy and I LOVE it. Sometimes it has a puple undertone to it in the light, some days it's more bronze than others, but the color is so nice to look at and I wear it with all colors.
    I also like the nice silver hardware, not too shocking against the metallic.
    Amazing color.......
  11. I didn't read before I wrote and it seems me and kap said the same exact thing pretty much about our paddys!!
  12. I have a metallic aubergine paddy and love the color. Just like the other posters said, it's primarily dark chocolate brown with a purple sheen to it, very unique and extremely versatile. I wear it with all kinds of outfits.
  13. That sounds like the price of the larger bag with a front pocket but they might still be on sale somewhere (as they were a few weeks ago) for about half that. I have the Paddy in aubergine that was on sale at NAP but there have been Paddys on sale even at bluefly (I got a REAL rouge for under $1,000)... so I'd look around at NM, BG, Saks on line. The aubergine is a fabulous colour as everyone has said... very versatile & still unusual. I Love mine!