Thoughts on Adrienne Vittadini Handbags

  1. Hello, everyone. I was looking at the Adrienne Vittadini website and I really like the hobo style bag they have. I haven't seen many posts regarding this designer, but I was wondering if anyone here has anything to share regarding their quality. The price is extremely reasonable (under $250), and I just want to have it for daytime use and work. It seems to be soft and slouchy, which is what I like. I am new at posting, so I will try to post a picture of the purse that I have in mind. Thank you so much for any input. :shame:
    AD Hobo.jpg
  2. I have no idea about Adrienne Vittadini but my dad's wife buys her clothes and loves them. Sorry I can't help!
  3. I don't particularly like their bags; I think they are too old-lady and big.
  4. I've never actually heard of Vittadini handbags until I read a post here on the PF about Bloomingdale's 40% off discount on sales. I went onto Bloomingdale's website and found this cute purse. It was originally $360 and I got it on double sale for $140. :yes: I don't think AV is too old at all! It will look hot with my leopard heels!

    In regards to the brand I don't have much experience with them yet. When I get my bag I'll let you know about the quality!
    glamor_leopardd.jpg grenatfirst 002 (Small).jpg
  5. sorry, havent owned any of their products yet....
  6. Thanks to all, especially, lordguinny. It would be interesting to see how you like your bag. I did actually purchase a AV today, and I couldn't believe the number of compliments alone I have already received from the girls that I work with. It was amazing, really. Everyone wanted to "feel and squish" this bag. It was funny. The leather is very soft.
  7. wow..thats a very nice slouchy bag. I would buy that for daily use too, but they dont sale it here in Singapore.