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  1. I saw a gorgeous pink jumbo on one of the bloggers I follow and now I'm really considering getting one. For those who have a jumbo, what are your thoughts on it? Do you carry it daily, or is it too heavy/cumbersome? The one I'm considering is pink in caviar with light gold hardware.
  2. I have a jumbo and love it. I don’t find it too heavy. I’m 5’6” though and I don’t love it crossbody. I only wear it as a shoulder bag.
  3. I love jumbos but not in bright colors.
  4. I have a jumbo and it’s my favorite Chanel bag I ever owned! I carry mine everyday. I’m 5’2”.
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  5. I am five feet, slim, and love my jumbo. It’s an older model and the chains get heavy after I use it for a while, but it’s one of my treasured bags. Go try one on for size [emoji846]
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  6. I just got a jumbo and love it. But as someone else mentioned, I prefer neutral colors more since it’s more practical.
  7. I have a jumbo and I love it. I am 5'1. The jumbo hits my hip and I can "rest" my hand on it. I never use it as a crossbody. For now I do not use it daily for many reasons. In the past I used it as an everyday workbag that also went well for 5@7 and dinners. The jumbo looks polished to me and not bulky, even if the bag is considered as rather "big". The bag is structured, and there is no slouch.
    Honestly, I really like the size and capacity of the bag. It holds the items I really need at all times. I feel that I need a small umbrella, a makeup bag, some random paper work, snacks, my phone charger and all other essentials (wallet, keys...). Whenever I use my smaller bags, like my fendi peekaboo mini, I have to compromise a lot: I cannot bring a small wallet, but only a cardholder. I have to limit my makeup essentials to 1-2 lipsticks and would miss my concealer for touchups. It is for me reason enough to not get anymore any minis. I recently thought of getting the M/L because it looks polished and cute and small on my frame. I decided not to get the M/L because its capacity is too small and it is a lot of money for a bag that has not the capacity I need. I love the jumbo for its bigger size and capacity. It is a luxe bag, even if it looks bigger. I highly recommend the jumbo as a classic bag.
  8. What is the reason you no longer use the jumbo daily?
  9. My jumbo fits a lot. It was my favourite bag at one point. However with age and shoulder ache I do not carry it as much as before but I still love to take it out from time to time. It had hold up well after years. Still looks great like when I first bought it. I would recommend getting and enjoying it
  10. Love hate relationship with the jumbo. Was my first chanel so special bag and I enjoy using it but don't find it practical for daily use. Use it to travel and as occasional weekend bag. Prefer OM boy or mini as cross body.

    Main suggestion would be to try it on in store, have a feel for it cos despite being one of the bigger flap bags it doesn't hold much in my opinion. Especially if one is used to large hobo like I used to be. It's heavy because of the leather lining, double flap and chains.
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  11. I love my jumbo! I wear it cross body and on the shoulder. Screenshot_20190508-215629.jpg
  12. I don't carry my jumbos daily because they are so heavy to me. I am more of a mini bag girl so whenever I carry, it feels like I am playing dress up with my mom's bag because it has so much space to carry things.

    Yet I am still madly in love with the size and think it looks amazing on.
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  13. I go through phases with my bags, carrying them for a few months at a time. Currently my jumbo is having its turn in the rotation. I do not find it heavy, and sometimes I load it up. I think the feeling of "heavy" or "light" is really up to you. At first I found it cumbersome to turn the lock and open the flap everytime I needed something because I was used to carrying totes or open top style bags. After 6 years of carrying the jumbo I don't even think about it, opening just happens in one fluid motion LOL.
  14. For me, it's not super heavy, however, the single flap is lighter and I prefer it over my double flap because it's easier to get in and out of.
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  15. Upload a picture of the bag! :biggrin:
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