Thoughts on a Birkin 20 if introduced by Hermes

Thoughts about a B20 if it were introduced ...

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Jan 17, 2011
Hi lovely TF members ; I just posted on another thread about the popularity of the Birkin 25 and how it’s now a staple in many people’s wardrobe.

I am curious - would anyone be interested if Hermes introduced a Birkin 20? After all - it’s sister bag the Kelly has had it for a while and they do have close comparisons in size.

I would love it - the compact size but functionality of getting in/out would make it a lovely evening bag or running errands.


May 3, 2020
I vote tbd. However, knowing myself I know I wouldn’t hate it but I also wouldn’t be head over heels about it (my favorite is still the 35 for a birkin) But I’m sure I’d love to have one just because. Though, it’s a no go for me if it’s in sellier because I just can’t with a sellier birkin of any size much less a 20cm. Love love sellier on any Kelly though! Good thread, I’d love to see what others think too!


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Apr 9, 2013
I like the idea of it but the reality would drive me insane! Too small to fit the majority of things I need to carry (my phone included I suspect) and no shoulder strap or even wrist carry would mean a beautiful but expensive ornament to gaze at. Money no object.. maybe?


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Jul 20, 2010
My vote was TBD. I am 5’7”, it will probably looks like a toy on me due to handheld style :rolleyes:In my opinion, it’s not a practical everyday bag for beginner or someone who just want one or two Birkin bags in rotation, however it could be a “must have“ for people who loves a wider range of collection of Hermes bags.


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May 21, 2017
As mentioned by others size 20 already exists in the sellier limited edition Faubourg. Also don’t forget a even smaller size, mini Birkin 15, existed too during the JPG era approx 10 years ago, and that one comes with a strap (which means that between those two designs I would actually find the 15 easier to use, but the issue for that one is that it probably won’t fit a smartphone, not even the smaller phone models nowadays). But hey, with how they keep bringing back limited JPG designs (often in smaller sizes too) I totally won’t be shocked if they are thinking about that one.