Thoughts on 35 kelly as a workhorse size? Suppose....

  1. you need to carry a 9 by 12 clipboard.:heart:
    Do you think this would work? i have all the measurements but i was wondering how much room is left over after putting in the clipboard with a pad clipped to it.
  2. Ang......I think it could work but what I've found with clipboards/hard cover books/portfolios is that it makes the bag hard to get into and out of. It really stiffens the bag, KWIM? You almost might need the type of bag that stays open at the top and has the flexibility to open the Birkin.
  3. or the HAC, which the body is longer.......
  4. oh, thank you shopmom and pazt!
  5. Exactly, PAZT.'s a pic of my 32cm HAC filled. I've got a magazine and some manilla files in there.....
  6. I agree...I have a 35 cm Kelly and a 35 cm Birkin...a Birkin or HAC would carry files, etc. better than a Kelly... : )
  7. oh my lord, shopmom!!!!!!!!
    this is a big help to me!!!
    it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you!
  8. I would say to the Kelly.

    Go for a HAC / Birkin if you must carry a clipboard....:flowers:
  9. so cal, thanks too!
    i see..
    so a 35 hac would close?
    shopmom, your bag does not close, correct?
    i will NOT go to Neimans today, i will NOT go to Neimans today, i will NOT....
    im closer to affording another kelly, but i see.....that.....
    i.......need....a .....b....i..r...k..i..n...or h...a....c.
    sheeesh....:confused1: :confused1:
  10. I think the HAC closes like a Birkin...the proportions are just a bit probably would not want to close the bag while in use...the open/close can drive you crazy.. Pic of 35 cm birkin and kelly...
    Hermes II 077 Medium Web view.jpg
  11. Ang.....the 32cm HAC doesn't close at the top if I stick a magazine in it lengthwise. The next size up is a 45 HAC which would close but then with the larger size you also get a much bigger bag. So be careful that the bag isn't too large and overpowering for your frame. KWIM? You might actually want to consider the 35cm Birkin and put your things in sideways. What about that idea?
  12. shopmom,
    its a great idea.
    i will's...........
    i think i mite be too tiny (hite wise for a 45 fer shure)a
    yikes stunning!! i see what ya mean.
  13. I would go for a 35 Birkin if you want to put a clipboard in it - mine is coming soon, and that's the size that works best for work and can still close fully without being too big.
  14. Archangel, please forgive me if this is a departure from your subject, but can anyone comment on whether a letter size writing pad (9 by 11) would fit in a 35 kelly, assuming it was a retourne? Or a thin letter size file, eg, 8 1/2 by 11?
    If you cant even get something like this in a 35 kelly, then I am going to scratch it off my wishlist, as it would be too big to "just" be a handbag for me